University of Rozdil

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University of Rozdil
Университет Розділa
Rozdil University Coat of Arms.png
Coat of arms
Dominus Illuminatio Mea
Motto in English
"The Lord is my Light"
Establishedc. 1132
Religious affiliation
Endowment£4.775 billion (inc. colleges) 2014-15
ChancellorYuri Synkin
Vice-ChancellorKarlo Yaren
LanguageHesslandish, Kalinovan
Colors     Rozdil blue

The University of Rozdil (informally Rozdil University or simply Rozdil) is a collegiate research university located in Rozdil, Kalinova. The university was founded in 1132, making it the oldest university in the Slavic-speaking world and the world's ...-oldest surviving university. After the foundation of the Kalinovan Empire, the university grew as a result of an increased focus on education and because the university had a wider range of students available.

The University itself is comprised of many institutions, including 27 colleges. These institutions and colleges make up the University, functioning together as a sort of federation. As the University is scattered around the center of the city of Rozdil, there is no separate campus. Instead, every college and institution has its own campus, building, or quad. Most students belong to a certain college, living and learning within that college. The University of Rozdil is known for its unique tutorial teaching style, where a small group of students gets exclusive time with a tutor or professor. In addition to those, students also go to classes, lectures, and laboratories for work and learning.

Rozdil is known to be one of the most prestigious universities in the world, with students viewd highly by employers. It is home to the Kalyna Scholarship, highly regarded as one of the most prestigious scholarships, allowing students from around the world to go to Rozdil for their graduate studies without any costs. With more than 20 languages represented, students can go to Rozdil and be guaranteed to be educated in their native tongue or one that they can easily understand. Rozdil has educated many notable alumni, including over 32 Kalinovan Premiers.


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