Adonian Court of Justice

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The Adonian Court of Justice (ACJ; Aetolian: Άδωνιαϊκή Δικαστήριο της Δικαιοσύνη, Ádoniaïkí Dikastírio tis Dikaiosýni; Breislandic: Adonien Gerichtshof; Kalinovan: Aдонский суд, Adonskyy sud; Parani: محكمة العدل أدونيا, mahkamat aleadl adunia; Volisanian: Tribunal Adonès de Justícia; Standard Zong: 地球法院, Tēkiû Hoatīⁿ) is the principal judicial organ of the Adonian Community (AC). The ACJ settles disputes between states and gives advisory opinions on international legal issues referred to it by the AC. Through its opinions and rulings, it serves as a source of international law.