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Ut Incepit Fidelis Sic Permanet (Latin)
("Loyal she began, loyal she remains")
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Largest cityMinzhu
Largest metroMinzhu
 • TypeConstitutional monarchy
 • ViceroyPERSON
 • PremierPERSON (Progressive)
LegislatureLegislative Assembly of Hong Leng Te
Federal representation(in Parliament)
MPsTBD of 601 (Expression error: Unrecognized word "tbd".%)
 • Total57,466 km2 (22,188 sq mi)
 • Land56,527 km2 (21,825 sq mi)
 • Water939 km2 (363 sq mi)  1.6%
Area rankRanked 9th
 5.5% of Zong
 • Total41,678,017
 • Estimate 
 • RankRanked 2nd
 • Density725.26/km2 (1,878.4/sq mi)
Official languagesStandard Zong
 • Rank2nd
 • Total (2016)₭999.022 billion
 • Per capita₭23,970 (14th)
Time zoneZST: TUC +9
ISO 3166 codeZO-TA
Rankings include all provinces and territories

Taioan (Zong: 大灣) is a province of Zong, covering 57,466 square kilometers with a population of 41,678,017 in 2016.


The name Taioan derives from the characters 大 tai (large) and 灣 oan (bay).



Taioan falls in the humid subtropical climate classification, characterized by warm weather year-round and minimal temperature differences between seasons, as in the rest of Zong. Monsoon pattern is evident in Taioan, as most locations in coastal Zong have dry winters and wet summers. The province is vulnerable to typhoons as well as floods and severe thunderstorms.



According to the latest national census in 2016, the population of Taioan was 41,678,017, a 13.82% increase since the 2006 census. The population of Taioan in the 2006 census was 36,617,481. In 2016, illegal immigrants constituted an estimated 1.27% of the population. This was the third highest percentage of any Zong province. There were an estimated 530,000 illegal immigrants in the province in 2016, representing 15% of all illegal immigrants in the country.



The vast majority of people in Taioan speak Standard Zong. Approximately 2.1% of the population reported speaking a language other than Zong at home.


Taioan is Zong's leading manufacturing province, accounting for 38% of the total national manufacturing shipments in 2016. Important products include motor vehicles, iron, steel, food, electrical appliances, machinery, chemicals, and aerospace. As of 2016, Taioan ranked third in Zong in high tech employment after Hong Leng Te and Omorpho, which included 180,000 in the automotive industry. Taioan typically ranks second or third in overall research and development (R&D) expenditures in Zong. Its research and development, which includes automotive, comprises a higher percentage of the province's overall gross domestic product than for any other province. The province is an important source of engineering job opportunities.

Taioan assembled 7.726 million vehicles in 2017, making it the 3rd largest manufacturer in Adonia, producing 58.43% of all motor vehicles in Zong that year. In Minzhu alone, 110 industrial part-makers cluster around Huchoan. In the 2000s expansion of the sector was surging. In 2017, more than ₭10 billion in investment was committed. In September 2016, Thieme opened a ₭1 billion factory in Tuoxi, with Voliwagen also opening an assembling plant in Minzhu the same year. The provincial car industry is represented by the Huchoan Motor Gruppe, which comprises the Huchoan and Kia brands, and by other major Zong companies such as Siang, Isuzu and Weltmeister who all have plants in the province.


Agriculture is the third largest industry in the province. Rice remains the most important crop, while citrus is a major cash crop, with production scattered in the province. As Taioan is one of the most industrialized province in the country, vast swaths of agricultural land have been converted into industrial land and continue to be in the 21st century. Fisheries are also very important, as to the other coastal provinces of Zong.


In 2016, Taioan had roughly 50,000 MW of installed electricity generation capacity. In 2014, 50% of Taioan's electricity was generated by oil. 31% was generated from nuclear power plants. Ten percent was generated by coal. Five percent was generated by natural gas. One percent was generated by hydroelectric sources, while two percent was generated by wind and solar power with capacity increased from 500 MW in 2010 to 1,000 MW in 2016.

Government and politics


Taioan has numerous political parties which run for election. The four main parties are provincial branches of the center-right Democratic Party, the liberal Progressive Party, the right-wing Nationalist Party and the social-democratic Socialist Party. The Democrats, Progressives and Nationalists have each governed the province, while the Socialists have never governed but have elected members continuously since the 19th century.

The 2015 provincial election resulted in a Progressive majority under ??, who was sworn in to office on 1 January 2016.

Urban areas


Higher education

As in other provinces throughout the country, higher education in urban areas (Heping, Tuoxi, etc.) is very substantial, but on the other hand the proportion of university graduates is lower in Minzhu.

International schools

As of 2016 there were 12 international schools for foreign expatriates in Taioan. As of 2016, the largest international school for expatriates in the province was the Volisan Academy in Heping. There are two Breislandic international schools in Taioan: Breis Schule Minzhu in Minzhu and Breis Schule Tuoxi in Tuoxi.




Located in the center of Zong, Taioan is a major railway hub for the country.

Air travel

Minzhu International Airport is the busiest airport in the province, and the 8th busiest in Zong, while Heping and Tuoxi follow in 15th and 16th respectively.