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Ut Incepit Fidelis Sic Permanet (Latin)
("Loyal she began, loyal she remains")
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Largest cityHongto
Largest metroHongto
 • TypeConstitutional monarchy
 • ViceroyPERSON
 • PremierPERSON (Progressive)
LegislatureLegislative Assembly of Siakang
Federal representation(in Parliament)
MPsTBD of 601 (Expression error: Unrecognized word "tbd".%)
 • Total99,770 km2 (38,520 sq mi)
 • Land98,986 km2 (38,219 sq mi)
 • Water784 km2 (303 sq mi)  0.8%
Area rankRanked 9th
 9.5% of Zong
 • Total41,517,856
 • Estimate 
 • RankRanked 3rd
 • Density416.14/km2 (1,077.8/sq mi)
Official languagesStandard Zong
 • Rank2nd
 • Total (2016)₭1.235 trillion
 • Per capita₭29,746 (9th)
Time zoneZST: TUC +9
ISO 3166 codeZO-SK
Rankings include all provinces and territories

Siakang (Zong: 蛇江) is a province of Zong, covering 99,770 square kilometers with a population of 41,517,856 in 2016.


The name Siakang derives from the characters 蛇 sia (serpent) and 江 kang (river).



Siakang falls in the humid subtropical climate classification, characterized by warm weather year-round and minimal temperature differences between seasons, as in the rest of Zong. Monsoon pattern is evident in Siakang, as most locations in coastal Zong have dry winters and wet summers. The province is vulnerable to typhoons as well as floods and severe thunderstorms.



According to the latest national census in 2016, the population of Siakang was 41,517,856, a 8.66% increase since the 2006 census. The population of Siakang in the 2006 census was 37,963,928. In 2016, illegal immigrants constituted an estimated 1.04% of the population. This was the fourth highest percentage of any Zong province. There were an estimated 442,000 illegal immigrants in the province in 2016, representing 12.5% of all illegal immigrants in the country.



The vast majority of people in Siakang speak Standard Zong. Approximately 1.8% of the population reported speaking a language other than Zong at home.


As of 2016, Siakang had a gross domestic product adjusted to purchasing power parity of BR₭1.235 trillion, the second-highest in Zong. Its GDP (PPP) is greater than the GDPs of Beja and Varkana, which are Adonia's ??th- and ??th-largest economies, respectively.


Siakang is one of the country's manufacturing leaders. As of 2016, the province is ranked as the 3rd most productive manufacturing province in the country, behind Taioan and Hong Leng Te. About three-quarters of the province's manufacturers are located in the Hongto metropolitan area. As of 2016, the leading manufacturing industries in Siakang, based upon value-added, were chemical manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, food manufacturing, fabricated metal products, transportation equipment, plastics and rubber products, and computer and electronic products. Electronics giant Husukhong is based in the province.


Siakang's major agricultural outputs are rice, soybeans, corn, livestock, dairy products, and wheat. In most years, Siakang is either the first or second province for the highest production of soybeans, with a harvest of 12 million metric tons in 2014, after Penia's production of 13.5 million metric tons. Siakang ranks first in Zong corn production with more than 40.8 million metric tons produced annually. Siakang is a leader in food manufacturing and meat processing. The Hongto metropolitan area remains a global center for food manufacture and meat processing, with many plants, processing houses, and distribution facilities located in the region.


Uranium mining is especially important in the southwest of the province, with Siakang ranking as the first producer of uranium in Zong.

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Air travel

Hongto International Airport is the busiest airport in the province, and the 4th busiest in Zong, while Lidun is the 22nd busiest.