PPC Partiggianu

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PPC Partiggianu
Full namePallonepere Club Partiggianu
Short namePartiggianu
Founded26 June 1938
GroundRina Partiggiana
LeagueLa Lega
2020La Lega, 2nd
Current season

Pallonepere Club Partiggianu, commonly known as PPC Partiggianu or simply Partiggianu, is an Echian professional football club based in Capua. It forms a major part of the Partiggianu multi-sport club. The club plays in La Lega and has spent its entire history in the top tier of Echian football having won a total of 45 official trophies. finishing in the Echian league all-time table as second.

Partiggianu was founded by young high officers of the Brigate Rosse in 1938 in Capua, as part of the Echian Sports Association Partiggianu. Their home ground is the Rina Partiggiana in Capua, where they have played since 1939. The club has a long-standing rivalry with Riale Capua. Matches between these two clubs are known as La Uèrra and rate as one of the greatest cross-town clashes in the world. Partiggianu also has many supporters throughout Echia and in the Echian diaspora.