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Clockwise from top: Bla
Clockwise from top: Bla
Coat of arms of Oni
Coat of arms
RegionNorthern Varkana
 • PrefectGerzel Baazov
 • Total487,921
Postal code

Oni (Varkan: ონი) is a commune of Varkana. It is part of the Greater Klow Area and borders the communes of Klow to the east, Telavi to the west, Rustavi to the southwest and Zestafoni to the southeast.

Among its many villages, Khoni, Kalaki, Motskhari and Oni are the most well known.


Oni was famous in Antiquity for the large monument, the Trophy of DUDE, that DUDE made to celebrate his victory over the Klovians. During the Middle Ages, the commune was mainly under the dominion of the Kingdom of Tavros until the Varkan invasion and subsequent annexation of most of Northern Varkana in 999 AD. U/C


Oni has historically held a large number of Varkan Jews and is the Varkan commune with the second largest number of Jews as percentage of its population after Kaspi.

Oni is linguistically diverse. The 2016 census found that Varkan was the only mother tongue of 70.8% of the population, and was spoken most often at home by 75.2% of residents. The next most common mother tongues were Lagashi (6.6%), Kalinovan (3.7%), Kivruli (2.9%), Aetolian (1.7%), Vasari (1.6%), Matinian (1.3%) and Arberian (1.3%).


Manufacturing and agriculture dominate the communal economy. Oni is the location of a major automobile factory for Qhar and the commune is known for its vineyards. Varkan defense company Tsikolia is headquartered in the commune, specifically in the village of Kalaki.


Oni, renowned tourist site in Northern Varkana, is famous worldwide for the view of the Iremian Sea from its hill tops, especially in its namesake village. There are also famous beaches and littoral locations in Kalaki and Motskhari.


Oni is a notable center for higher education. Oni University is one of the commune's best known features and is one of the largest universities in Varkana.


The commune of Oni is highly integrated into the larger Varkan transportation network. It has several road, rail and sea connections to neighboring communes. Public transit in Oni is managed by the Capital Region Transit Authority, commonly known as DSU, which operates transit bus, and rapid transit services in the Greater Klow Area as a whole. Oni is served by 15 Capital Metro stations on the Blue and Yellow lines.

The closest international airport to the commune is Rustavi International Airport, located ?? km southwest in the neighboring commune of Rustavi. The larger President Inga Korsantia International Airport is located ?? km east in the commune of Vale.


Oni is the home of Pirveli Divizionis football club Khoni Mamali. From 1899 until 2017, the club's home ground was the original Trophabi Stadionze. In 2017, the old ground closed and demolition commenced to make way for a new stadium on the same site as part of a wider project for the redevelopment of the area. The new stadium was due to open in September 2017, but was delayed until later in the 2018 season. The stadium was opened on 3 April 2018. For part of the 2016 season, the entirety of the 2017 season and part of the 2018 season, the club played their home games at the national Erovnul Stadionze in neighboring Rustavi.

The association football club Dinamo Klow have had their training ground in Oni since 1981. The training center is located in an old quarry and has 2 natural grass pitches as well as an artificial turf "small pitch".

Filming location

Oni has appeared in a number of films due to its unique scenery and proximity to Klow. The commune also has an important place in cinema history. It was the setting of one of the very first projected motion pictures, Train Pulling into a Station filmed by the Msubuki brothers in 1895.

Oni is a central location in the 2018 film Millennium and a secondary location in the Varkan TV series .

It is notably an important location in the 1998 Breislandic movie Ronin.

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