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The Magdalenan Church is the third largest Christian church in Adonia, with an estimated ?? million adherents. It is considered by its members to be the original church founded by Jesus Christ. The Magdalenan Church is also the mother church of Magdalenan Christianity. It differs from other Christian churches by denying the Christ's divinity and claims that he was married to Mary Magdalene, the beloved disciple, and ordained her before his crucifixion. Magdalenans claim Peter usurped her ordination to found the Church. The Church is led by the Matriarch seated in Mizia, Sakalia.

Adherents, referred to as Magdalenans, view faith in Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene as the central tenet of their religion. Both the Zamarra and Petran Catholic Churches denounced its practices and dismissed it as "the Church of Satan" followed by "lunatics and conspiracy theorists."


Early Christianity in the southern Kasus




During the Inquisition period of Catholic history, starting prior to the Great Catholic Schism, the Catholic Church established judicial institutions to combat heresy, including Magdalenans and any sectarianism within Christianity.

Modern persecutions

Kastrunetian Civil War

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