Ledennic Republic

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Ledennic Republic

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Capital Palaiochori
Government Republic
Legislature Senate of the Ledennes
Historical era Aposyndetic Aetolia
 -  Treaty of Palaiochori 1 June 1168
 -  Established 3 June 1168
 -  Treaty of Leviathos 14 September 1198
 -  Disestablished 18 February 1199

The Ledennic Republic was a republican state during the aposyndetic period in Aetolia. It was formed after the unification of the overthrow of the Kingdom of Arcadia. It was based in the central region of Aetolia, home to the Ancient Ledennic peoples and gradually expanded into neighbouring republican states through conquest and peaceful annexation.

The Wars of Aetolian Unification began in 1173, when the ever-growing Ledennic Republic invaded the Principality of Mesopotamia and then the Duchy of Sinope in 1176. The Republic then launched a campaign to unify the various Aetolian states into a singular state. The Northern Campaign was launched in 1176, and the Republic of Perdika was annexed in 1177, and the Grand Duchy of Fraxos was invaded in 1180. After some territorial gains from Fraxos, the campaign moved its attention towards the Duchy of Rhodonnos, which had been supporting Fraxos during the invasion. The duchy was invaded in 1183 and by 1186 the duchy had lost close to 40 percent of its original territory.

The Southern Campaign was launched by General Niko Dellios in 1185 against the Kingdoms of Pheres and Kovitsa. Pheres had been aggressively expanding in its region. It had annexed the Duchy of Vlavia, as well as parts of the Kingdom of Napi and ally the Avlonan Republic. The Southern Campaign was intended to relieve the embattled ally Avlonas and gain more territory from the Monarchist states.

In 1198, after a protracted war with the Kingdom of Hiererikon which saw the republic gain large swathes of territory in the Kavala Valley, plans for the establishment of a federal Aetolian republic were formed. Several states, wary of further invasions by the Republic agreed to annexation negotiations in attempt to retain some power in the new country. In 1199, the Ledennic Republic was unified with the Duchy of Sinope, the Archduchy of Inachos, the Prince-Enoria of Thynia, the Kingdoms of Pheres, Napi, Kovitsa, and the Duchy of Rhodonnos to form the First Aetolian Republic. The only states that did not unify was the Kingdom of Hiererikon.