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IATA ICAO Callsign
Commenced operationsDATE
Focus citiesTBD
Frequent-flyer programSomething
AllianceHimmel Allianz
Fleet size954 (mainline)
HeadquartersKoblenz, Würzburg
Key people???, CEO
RevenueIncrease TBC billion (2014)
ProfitDecrease TBC million (2014)

Kontinental (KOBO: KON) is a major Breislandic airline, with its headquarters and largest hub at Koblenz Johann Hagedorn International Airport in Koblenz, Würzburg. The airline along with its subsidiaries and regional affiliates operate over 5,500 flights daily and serve an extensive domestic and international network that includes 350 destinations in 65 countries on six continents, as of June 2017. In 2017, Kontinental was Adonia's largest airline in terms of scheduled passengers carried (204.3 million), and the largest in terms of both revenue passenger-kilometers flown (382.8 billion) and capacity (5.7 billion ASM/week).



Headquarters and offices



Current hubs

Kontinental currently operates seven hubs across Breisland.

  • Koblenz Johann Hagedorn International Airport – Kontinental's primary hub, and its largest hub in terms of daily flights and number of destinations and Kontinental's primary hub for Illypnia. Kontinental currently has about 76% of the market share and flies approximately 50.5 million passengers through KJH every year, which is about 138,460 people per day making it the busiest airline at the airport. Kontinental's corporate headquarters are also in the airport grounds.
  • Trier International Airport – The second-largest hub in terms of passengers carried and Kontinental's primary Fosian gateway. Kontinental flies approximately 39.94 million passengers a year through TRI, which is about 109,429 people per day. As of 2017 Kontinental has about 87% of the market share at TRI, making it the airport's largest airline.
  • Koblenz Werner Kuhn International Airport - Kontinental's third-largest hub by daily flights and seats available. About 30.87 million passengers fly on Kontinental through Kuhn every year, or about 84,570 people per day. Kontinental controls about 81% of the slots at Kuhn and carries about 72% of all passengers at the airport. Kuhn was Luftkoblenz's largest hub before the Luftkoblenz acquisition in 2003. Koblenz-Kuhn is Kontinental's secondary Illypnian and transneptic gateway.
  • Salzgitter International Airport – Salzgitter is Kontinental's fourth-largest hub by passengers carried. It is Kontinental's primary hub for transneptic flights. About 28 million passengers fly through SAL on Kontinental every year, or about 76,825 people per day. As of 2017 Kontinental has about 73% of the market share at SAL, making it the airport's largest airline.
  • Remscheid International Airport - The fifth-largest hub in terms of passengers carried. About 27.36 million passengers fly through Remscheid on Kontinental every year, or about 74,958 people per day. Kontinental currently has about 67% of the seat share at the airport, making it its largest tenant. Remscheid was also previously ??'s biggest hub before the Kontinental-?? merger.
  • Denzlau International Airport - The sixth-largest hub for Kontinental in terms of passengers carried. About 25 million passengers fly through Denzlau on Kontinental every year, or about 68,665 people per day. American has about 78% of the market share at Denzlau, making it the largest carrier at the airport.
  • Lingarstadt International Airport - Once the headquarters for ????, Lingarstadt is Kontinental's seventh-largest hub by passengers carried. Kontinental served 22,207,734 passengers at Lingarstadt in 2017 and accounts for more than 83% of the airport's traffic. Service includes most Kontinental-served airports in Breisland, most major Breislandic and Southern Illypnian metropolitan areas, as well as many destinations in the rest of Illypnia, Lurandia, and Fosia.
  • Siegen International Airport – The eighth-largest hub in terms of passengers carried. About 17.2 million passengers fly through SIE every year on Kontinental, which is about 47,174 people per day. Kontinental has about 17% of the market share at Siegen International, making it the second-largest airline at the airport. Siegen is Kontinental's primary Southern Illypnian hub and a gateway to Lurandia.

Former hubs


Alliances and codeshare agreements


File:Kontinental 737-800.jpg
Kontinental 737-800 in City
Kontinental Mainline Fleet
Aircraft In Service Orders Passengers Notes
F J Y+ Y Total
Aikok A330-200 85 36 210 246
Aikok A330-300 55 8 42 230 280
Aikok A330-900neo 50 29 28 56 168 281
Böing 737-700 162 12 36 78 126
Böing 737-800 340 16 48 102 166 Largest operator.
Böing 737-900 244 20 42 117 179 Largest operator.
Böing 737 MAX 9 100
Deliveries begin in 2018.
Böing 737 MAX 10 100
Deliveries begin in 2020.
Böing 777-200ER 35 8 40 113 108 269
Böing 777-300ER 38 60 102 204 366
Girasimov Gi-180 6 110 110
Total 954 250


On-board amenities