Kaspian people

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Total population
~2 million
Related ethnic groups

The Kaspian people (Kaspian: კასფალი, kaspali; Varkan: კასფელები: kaspelebi) are an indigenous Kartvelian-speaking ethnic subgroup of Kartvelians that mostly live in Western Varkana. The Kaspians traditionally speak the Kaspian language, a language belonging to the Kartvelian language family. Kaspian is natively spoken by around 690,935 people as of 2016. Currently, most Kaspians' native language is Varkan.

The actual number of ethnic Kaspians in Western Varkana and Varkana as a whole is difficult to assess as the government of Varkana does not collect statistics on ethnicity. The population of Western Varkana, based on the 2016 census, was 6,541,559. It is said that, in 1900, over 1 million people spoke Kaspian. In 1950, it was about 50%, and today, in all of Western Varkana, at most 10% of Kaspians can speak Kaspian.

A strong historical emigration has created a Kaspian diaspora within the Varkan borders and in the overseas departments and territories of the Dinarides; it is mainly established in the Greater Klow Area, where more than half a million people claim Kaspian heritage. Many Kaspian families have also emigrated to Empodia, predominantly to Doria and Zarkos.