Juktas International Terminal 7 metro station

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Juktas International Terminal 7 Palaiochori Metro
Class C Palaiochori Metro stock.jpg
Class C stock train at the platform
LocationTerminal 7, Juktas, Palaiochori
Owned byPalaiochori Metro
Platform levels1
Bicycle facilitiesyes
Other information
Station codeJT7
Fare zoneSpecial fares apply
Passengers (2014)78.4 million

Juktas International Terminal 7 metro station is an Palaiochori Metro station located at Terminal 7 of Juktas International Airport. The station was opened in 2008, when the Airport line was extended to meet the new Terminal 7. It serves as the terminus of the line. The station is the only station on the Airport line that is not located underground, instead the platforms are within the Terminal 7 building. The station is subject to the special fare zone and pay as you go travel with a Pigaino card is not permitted.


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TerminusAirport line
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