Imperial Nusaraya Navy

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Imperial Nusaraya Navy
Angkatan Laut Imperial Nusaraya
Logo of the Imperial Nusaraya Navy.png
Country Nusaraya
Size425,029 active personnel (2018)
687 total ships
2,000+ aircraft
Garrison/HQMain: Banjarnegara, Sandai, Pulosoko, Kalipuro, Manggarai
Overseas: New World, Kaftia, Nankuni, Masriq
ColorsRed and white
ShipsCurrent Fleet
Marshal AdmiralAdmiral Adichandra Prawironegara
Major-GeneralAdmiral Subiyanto Wijaksana
InsigniaRanks in the Imperial Nusaraya Navy
Naval Ensign
Flag of Nusaraya.svg

Imperial Nusaraya Navy (Mataraman:ꦄꦁꦏꦠꦤ꧀​ꦭꦻꦴꦠ꧀​ꦆꦩ꧀ꦥꦺꦫꦶꦪꦭ꧀​ꦤꦸꦱꦫꦪ) is the naval warfare service of Nusaraya. It held directly under Ministry of Defense (formerly Ministry of War prior to 1948) and composed of four branches; the Submarine Force, the Surface Force, the Coastal Defense Force, and the Naval Air Force. With an active personnel strength of 425,029 servicemen and women it is one of the largest navy in Adonia in terms of combatants and tonnage.

Origin of Imperial Nusaraya Navy started since the 14th century under the rule of First Kingdom of Nusaraya to protect the merchant coming to the port cities (Kertajati, Manggarai). In line with the industrialization and modernization of Nusarayan forces, in 18th century, Imperial Nusaraya Navy officially founded accompanying with more organized fleet. It also involved on the ongoing colonization attempt from Nusaraya to East Kaftia.

During Great Adonian War, Imperial Nusaraya Navy become the closest ally to Royal Zong Navy and serve to fought allies during this period. About 40% of its original fleet was annihilated and destroyed during the war period and later another 20% was dismantled during the great depression. After war, with the formation of modern state of Nusaraya, Imperial Nusaraya Navy restored with its remaining fleets and building more ships since 1951. Since 1960s, Nusaraya continue to expand its fleet. In 2015, Prime minister of Nusaraya Bambang Suripto enacted the major expansion of the navy aiming for naval supremacy for the region. Currently there are total 425,029 personnel serving total 687 commissioned ships. Currently Imperial Nusaraya Navy is one of the largest naval power in Adonia.


Prior to 1766


Second Kingdom of Nusaraya

Empire of Nusaraya

Expansion of Empire

Pre-Great War

Great Adonia War

Interwar Period

Nusaraya-Burma War

Post War

2015 Naval Expansion

In 2015, Nusaraya Prime Minister Bambang Suripto announce to expand the Imperial Nusaraya Navy Force in order to maintain its Nation naval sovereignty over the region. This decision made with the pressure from his coalition in parliament, mostly from Nusaraya National Party (NNP).


Total 5 districts units act in concert with the fleet to guard the waters of their jurisdictions and provide shore-based support. Each district is home to a major base and its supporting personnel and staff. Furthermore, each district is home to one or two regional escort squadrons, composed of two to three destroyers or destroyer escorts (DE). Each district also has a number of mine sweeping ships. Naming of the district correspondent on the headquarter location.

Capital ships of Nusaraya Navy distributed to various district.

Below are the naval districts of Nusaraya:

Aside from the districts there also personnel stationed in the Overseas bases






Naval Weaponary