House of Ochokochi

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House of Ochokochi
House of Ochokochi emblem.png
CountryKingdom of Kartli
Kingdom of Rioni
Kingdom of Kaspia
Kingdom of Galia
Kingdom of Varkana
Kingdom of ???
Principality of Rutuli
Founded8 March 583 BC
Final rulerGiorgi
TitlesMonarch of Varkana
King of ???
Dissolution21 February 1262
Cadet branchesHouse of Margania
House of Nersiani
House of Talocci

The House of Ochokochi (Varkan: ოჭოკოჩი) is a dynasty of Varkana. It is among the largest and oldest Illypnian royal houses. It ruled the Kingdom of Kartli from 583 BC and its successor state the Kingdom of Varkana from 455 until the death of King Giorgi in 1262. The dynasty had a crucial role in the formation of the Varkan state. Initially in the Kingdom of Kartli, the Ochokochi queens slowly, but steadily, increased their power and influence until it grew to cover the entirety of Varkan lands in 455 and established the Kingdom of Varkana. Junior members of the family founded cadet branches as the House of Nersiani, the House of Margania and the House of ??. The house also produced queens and kings of ??, ?? and ???, as well as rulers of several principalities and duchies in the Near East.

After holding the throne for several centuries the Ochokochi female line failed and the House of Margania succeeded the Ochokochi to the throne after the Varkan Succession War.