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The Kotcijan Confederation has a long history dating back to the early 7th century. The Mesogean League began settling the costal and inner coastal areas of Kotcija as early as ???? setting up many new colonial cities of which most survive today. In the North East around the Lakes areas the local Iladian peoples integrated into the culture of the Mesogean while to the East the Arberians resisted the cultural influences by the Mesogeans. After the decline of Mesogean influence over Kotcija Northern Cheliads (Sasso) tribes flowed into the region creating local instability between cultures leading to the creation of many power centred city states. The first proper Cheliad state was the Principality of Kotorp centred on modern day Kotorp. In the later half of the 7th century the League of Kotori saw the first inter ethic alliance between the eastern Cheliad and Arberian tribes which was extended in the 8th century to form the first Kotcijan Confederation with the Jadasine city states. 1000.c saw the collapse of the old Arberian Kingdom centred on Albnopolis due to Kandari invasions creating the Principalities of Arberis. A number of these principalities joined the Kotcijan confederation willingly while others were absorbed into the Kotopri vacuum. Dyrraz a newly formed city state conquered surrounding lands remaining a secure independent state until 1378 with the threat of the Kandari Caliphate. Up until the end of the 14th century the Kotcijan Confederation struggled to hold onto its land from outside threats from the eastern Kandaris and settler groups from south of the Kasus however the 15th century saw its rise as a merchant nation consolidating its territories. During this period however to gain access to the global trading markets the confederation was forced to accept the suzerainty of the United Kingdom of the Dinardreds. During the 16th century the rise of Kotorp, Jaddasino and Dyrraz as powerful trading cities allowed Kotcija to spread its influence over the region generating wealth allowing them to effectively control and bind together the confederation during the many insurrections against both Kandar and the Dinardreds. During the 17th century Kotorp become the sole dominance and essentially formed a Qusai-Empire allowing with a renewed sense of unity to greatly expand. Between 1740 and 1758 were the long servies of the Kotcijan Wars of Independence which broke the ties from the old Aetolian dominated politics and saw a brief period where Kotcija experienced regional Hegemony in the Eastern Mesogean. In the mid 19th century Kotorp lost its hegemony within the confederation leading to the Federalisation of Kotcija and then the subsequent reforms especially after the Great Adonian War changed Kotcijan administration more so than ever before. Kotcija still remains a merchant centre of the north of Illypnia retaining Kotcija a high level of influence in the diplomatic world.


Pre Mesogean

Mesogean Settlement

Mesogean Decline


Slus migrations

Kandari raids and the Kot Confederation

Proto-Koto-Kandari War

Kotcijan Schism

Old Arberian Kingdom

Early Confederation

First Koto-Kandari War

Great Sassian Purge

Dinardred Dominance

Quasi Empire

===Wars of Independence

Eastern Hegomny


End of Kotorp

Great Federalisation Act

Further Reforms

Great Adonian War

Eastern Arberian War

20th C


2000s Riots

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