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Ut Incepit Fidelis Sic Permanet (Latin)
("Loyal she began, loyal she remains")
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Largest citySabu
Largest metroSabu
 • ViceroyPERSON
 • PremierPERSON (Democratic)
LegislatureLegislative Assembly of Hapo
 • Total562.58 km2 (217.21 sq mi)
Area rankRanked 23rd
 0.1% of Zong
 • Total58,627
 • Estimate 
 • RankRanked 2nd
 • Density104.21/km2 (269.9/sq mi)
Official languagesStandard Zong
 • RankTBD
 • Total (2016)₭871.783 million
 • Per capita₭14,870 (TBD)
Time zoneZST: TUC +9
ISO 3166 codeZO-HP
Rankings include all provinces and territories

Hapo (Zong: 霞浦) is an oversea territory of Zong in the Zong Sea in East Fosia. It is located 607 kilometers northeast of Mainland Zong, 301 kilometers from the island of ?? in Marlika, and 760 km from Nankuni. A part of the ?? Islands, the region is the subject of a territorial conflict between Zong and Marlika. The capital and most populous city of Hapo is Sabu. The majority of the population are of Zong ethnicity. Indigenous Haponians are the ?? people, who are related to other Austronesian natives in Northeast Fosia.

In 2016, 58,627 people resided in Hapo. Hapo has an area of 562.58 km² and a population density of 104.21/km². The highest point is Mount Iboteng (於茂登) at 525.5 meters above sea level on the island of Hapo. Since the 1950s, the economy has been supported by tourism.

The indigenous ?? settled the island approximately ???? years ago. Aetolian explorer ??, while in the service of the Dinarides, was the first Illypnian to visit the island on DATE, YEAR. Hapo was colonized by Breisland in YEAR as part of Breislandic Marlika. During the Great Adonian War, Zong captured Hapo on DATE, YEAR. Under the Treaty of Koblenz, Breisland ceded Hapo to Zong on DATE, YEAR. Hapo is among the two royal dependencies of Zong, the other being Omuong. The sovereignty of Hapo is a major point of contention in Zong-Marlikan relations as Marlika asserts a claim to the territory. Hapo residents overwhelmingly rejected proposals for Marlikan sovereignty in the 1963 referendum, and the idea of shared sovereignty in 1993.


霞浦 "misty shores"


Great Adonian War

Modern history

Sabu Port has been expanded so that five large Zong Coast Guard patrol boats can be stationed there. The Royal Zong Armed Forces is also considering deploying short range anti-ship missiles on Hapo Island.


Inhabited islands

The dependency of Hapo consists of nine inhabited islands:

  • Hapo Island (霞浦島): 222.63 km²,
  • Saipio Island (西表島): 289.28 km², which is directly connected to Goali Island (外離島), 1.32 km²),
  • between these two islands there are:
    • Tekhu Island (竹富島), 5.42 km²),
    • Hek Island (黑島), 10.02 km2) and Sinsian Island (新城島), 3.34 km²),
    • Siopin Island (小濱島), 7.84 km²) and the smaller Iupo Island (由布島), 0.15 km²) and Kabichin Island (嘉彌真島), 0.39 km²,
    • Kiukeng Island (鳩間島), 0.96 km²),
  • More to the south, Pochiaukeng Island (波照間島), 12.77 km²),
  • And two inhabited islands of more than 0.1 km²:
    • Sio Island (小島), 0.37 km²), next to Hapo Island,
    • Laili Island (內離島), 2.10 km²), between Saipio and Goali.


Hapo's economy depends primarily on tourism and locally owned businesses. The airport serving the dependency is located on the island of Hapo, the other islands being linked by boat. Although containing a small population, the islands are well known to Zong people, as it is a popular tourist destination, with beautiful beaches protected by coral reefs, and many opportunities for scuba diving.



The only airport serving Hapo is Sabu International Airport, located on the eastern shore of Hapo Island. The airport connects Hapo to Huwei, Gudong, Kimsa, Xiaochi, Minzhu, Xiaoyang, Lidun, Hongto, Tuoxi, Siqiao, Bangchhoan and Dongling. Sabu Airport sits 31 meters (102 ft) above sea level. The airport is located approximately 30 minutes by car from central Sabu.


Sabu Port is the main port of the dependency. U/C