Flag of Varkana

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Flag of Varkana
Flag of Varkana.png
Name: Wolf Flag
Use: National flag and civil ensign
Proportions: 2:3
Adopted: April 2004
Design: U/C

The flag of Varkana (Varkan: საქართველოს სახელმწიფო დროშა, sakartvelos sakhelmtsipo drosha) blablabla.



Flag of the Kingdom of Varkana

The flag of the Kingdom of Varkana featured a black wolf on a silver or white background.

First and Third Republic

Flag of the First Republic of Varkana

The first flag of the Republic of Varkana was a tricolour flag. The horizontal fesses are bands of equal size in the colors, from top to bottom, green, white, and blue. The flag proportions (width:length) are 2:3. It was the flag used by nationalists during the independence era. The Varkan association with the colors purple, white and green surfaced in the radical 1750s, when the purple-and-white flag was used to symbolize the republican movement within Varkana. The green borjgali alludes to Armazist mythology while the white epitomizes "unity and justice". The purple evokes the lavender fields found across most of the country as well as the blood-stained flag of the Dinarides.

After the fall of the Second Republic, the flag of the first republic was reinstated as Varkana's national flag.

Currently, it is used by contemporary democrats in Varkana as a symbol of their movement and ideal. It symbolizes conservative Varkan values, especially regarding democratic republicanism.

Second Republic

File:Flag of the Socialist Republic of Varkana.png
Flag of the Socialist Republic of Varkana

The flag adopted during the Second Republic involves a red background with two white stripes and a slightly larger blue stripe in the middle. A yellow hammer and sickle communist symbol, as well as the red five-pointed star, lie in the canton (upper corner nearest the flagpole) of the flag.

The blue alludes to the many bodies of water of the country. The red evokes socialism, while the thin white stripes represents "unity and peace". The red star and hammer and sickle are themselves symbols of communism and socialism. The hammer symbolizes urban industrial workers while the sickle symbolizes agricultural workers (peasants) — who together, as the Proletarian class, form the state.

The red star represents the Communist Party, and its position over hammer and sickle symbolizes its leading role in socialist society to unify and enlighten the workers and peasants in the building of communism.

Fourth Republic

Flag of the Fourth Republic of Varkana

The flag of the Fourth Republic of Varkana, the current national flag, consists of U/C.

It was inaugurated on 5 March 2001 at an official ceremony held at the Presidential Palace, in the presence of President Zurab Avalishvili, members of the Council of Ten, and Varkan parliamentarians. The Third Republic flag was lowered at the stroke of noon and the new wolf flag was raised. The crowd sang the national anthem followed by wolf howls to express their support. Of the flag, Avalishvili said "[it] will symbolize to each of us — and to the world — the unity of purpose and high resolve to which destiny beckons us."