Department of the Interior (Varkana)

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Department of the Interior
შინაგან საქმეთა დეპარტამენტის
shinagan sakmeta departamentis
Department of the Interior Headquarters
Agency overview
Formed 2004
Jurisdiction Government of Varkana
Headquarters Interior Department Building,
?th District, Klow, Varkana
Annual budget TBC lari
Ministers responsible Irma Borodin,
Nana Janashia,
Minister of the Interior
Viktor Dolidze,
Minister of Social Affairs
Nodar Ebanoidze,
Minister for the City, Housing and Rural Affairs
Gocha Enukidze,
Minister of the Communes

The Varkan Department of the Interior (Varkan: შინაგან საქმეთა დეპარტამენტის, shinagan sakmeta departamentis) is a part of the Varkan political system. It is responsible for planning and implementing the Government of Varkana's overall interior policy.

The Department is responsible for home affairs and security throughout Varkana. The responsibilities include population, land, construction, national emergency services, communal systems, law enforcement and social welfare.