Air Force (Varkana)

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Air Force
საჰაერო ძალების
sahaero dzalebis
Bundeswehr Logo Luftwaffe with lettering.svg
Logo of the Varkan Air Force
Country Varkana
RoleAir Defense Force
Size25,000 personnel
510 aircraft
Motto(s)Fly high fothermuckers
ColorsPurple, grey and white
EngagementsGreat Adonian War
Commander of the Air ForceGeneral ???
RoundelVarkan Air Force roundel.png
Aircraft flown
TrainerAero L-39 Albatros, Aero L-159 Alca
TransportA310, Alenia C-27J Spartan, Bombardier Global 7500, EmAe Lineage 600, EmAe Lineage 1000, C-160

The Air Force (Varkan: საჰაერო ძალების, sahaero dzalebis; abbreviated as სძ or SD) is the aerial warfare branch of the Military of Varkana. With a strength of 25,000 personnel (2014), it is the ?th largest air force in Illypnia.

The current commander of the Varkan Air Force is General ???. In 2015, the Air Force uses nine air bases actively. Furthermore the Air Force has a presence at several civil airports.



Great Adonian War

Post war era

Recent history


Air Force Operational Forces Command

Air Force Support Forces Command

Air bases

The air base command levels are the combat assets of the SD. An airbase commander has authority over all units stationed on his base. Depending on the units tasks this means that he is responsible for approximately 500 to 2,500 personnel. Flying activity in Varkana is carried out by a network of bases, platforms and Varkan air defense radar systems. It is supported by bases, which are supervised and maintained by staff, centers of operations, warehouses, workshops, and schools. Both in Varkana and Svaneti, bases have almost similar infrastructure to provide standardized support. This operational mode allows fast and easy creation of air bases outside Varkana if need be.

There are currently 15 air bases operated by the SD with SDB Bolshaya and SDB Kisha both located in neighboring Svaneti. SDB Yelabuzha is the largest base with 2,500 personnel and 100 stationed aircraft. Air bases may not house all fighter, refueling or transport planes: several radar bases (SDB Kulata and SDB Sighnaghi) are for territorial surveillance (air defense) and military air traffic control. Others welcome warehouse equipment or command posts. SDB Martuni houses the SD's headquarters and the air force training school, including 80 trainer aircraft, as well as being the most central radar base in the country.


Since the end of the Varkan military junta of 1971–76, the SD has comprised about 12 to 15% of the SS.

Symbols, emblems and uniform

Roundel and serial number


Aircraft inventory

Four Varkan F-14 above Varkana
Aircraft Origin Type Versions Quantity Comments
Combat aircraft
Grummann F-14 Kater  Breisland Multi-role fighter F-14A 83 Largest and only operator of the F-14 after its retirement from the Luftstreitkräfte in 2006
MiG-35  Volisania Multi-role fighter MiG-35A 41 Total of 60 on order
MiG-35D 40
Transport aircraft
Aikok A310 MRTT  Zong Strategic Transport A310-304 1
Aerial Refueling A310-304 MRTT 4
Aikok ACJ319  Zong VIP Transport 2
Aikok ACJ350  Zong VIP Transport 1
Girasimov Global 8000  Kalinova VIP Transport 2
Transall C-160  Aetolia Tactical Transport C-160 58
Aikok H365  Zong VIP Transport 2
NH90  Aetolia
Transport Helicopter NH90 76 Transferred from the Land Forces.
Training aircraft
Aero L-39 Albatros  Varkana Jet Trainer L-39 53
Aero L-159 Alca  Varkana Jet Trainer L-159 48
EDK 800  Varkana UCAV EDK 800 25 100 planned.
EDK 900  Varkana Reconnaissance EDK 900 15 50 planned.
EDK 1000  Varkana ISTAR/UCAV EDK 1000 2 30 planned.



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