Aetolian State Railways

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State-owned company
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IndustryRail transport
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Founded3 May 1902
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Key people
Katharyn Katsarou (CEO)
Thomas Michaelides (Minister)
ProductsRail transport, Freight
RevenueIncrease ₭52.65 billion (2015)
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OwnerAetolian Transport Agency (100%)
Number of employees
263,012 (2015)
SubsidiariesΣAK Passenger
ΣAK Freight
ΣAK Infrastructure

Aetolian State Railways (Aetolian: Σιδηρόδρομοι Αιτωλός Κράτους, Sidirodromi Aitolós Kratous), commonly known by its Aetolian acronym ΣAK, is Aetolia's national state-owned railway company and manages the rail traffic in the country. ΣAK operates the country's national rail services, including the high-speed rail network, InterCity rail, and other regional services. Its functions include operation of railway services for passengers and freight, and maintenance and signalling of rail infrastructure. It owns all of the rolling stock, tracks, stations and other network infrastructure on the Aetolian network. The land under all tracks and stations is owned by the Office of Railway Management, SAK operates railways a railway operating easement (ROE). ORM act as the regulator of the Aetolian railway system.

Passenger services

High speed rail

ΣAK operates high speed services on a series of special high speed lines between major cities in Aetolia and across the border into Varkana. The services classified as high speed in the Aetolian network run at speeds upwards of 300 km/h. There are six major high speed railway axis, the Palaiochori Klow high speed line (from Palaiochori Metaxas to Klow Central via Theodosia), Sinora high speed line (from Theodosia to Sozopolis), North-western high speed line (from Palaiochori Kolonos to Thyrasa, via Kavala and Episkopi), Northern high speed line (from Palaiochori Kolonos to Skopelos, via Fraxos and Megaza), East Aetolia high speed line (from Skopelos to Sozopolis, via Fraxos, Palaiochori and Lefki), and the Central Aetolian high speed line (from Theodosia to Lefki).


ΣAK operates services between main cities in Aetolia as part of the InterCity network. These trains typically operate at speeds of around 250 km/h where the track allows safe operation at these speeds. InterCity trains typically operate over longer distances than Regional trains, but make less stops. They operate on the standard gauge Aetolian railway network, as opposed to the separated high speed lines. InterCity trains only stop at larger towns and cities, but make more stops than High speed services. The InterCity network is based around Palaiochori Metaxas. Sleeper train and Legacy services are operated as InterCity services.


ΣAK operates regional services linking small towns in Aetolia. The regional network is divided into four operational regions: Regional North (Inachos, Thynia and Rhodonnos), Regional Mid (Hierikikon, Lower Kavala, Upper Kavala, Perdika, Palaiochori and Capital), Regional Central (Pharsaly, Central Aetolia, Tavros, Pheres, Napi and Antissa), and Regional South (Avia, Dionysos, Eresos, Sinora, Kovitsa, and Valahia). Trains operate at a variety of speeds and frequencies, with different services making varying amounts of stops.