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| 7 g
| 7 g
| [[wikipedia:Cupronickel|Cupronickel]]
| [[wikipedia:Cupronickel|Cupronickel]]
| Plain, formely 11-sided
| Plain, formerly 11-sided
|rowspan="2"| [[Seal of Varkana]]
|rowspan="2"| [[Seal of Varkana]]
| Denomination numeral "1" and legend "ლარი" (lari).
| Denomination numeral "1" and legend "ლარი" (lari).

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Varkan lari
Lari banknotes
Lari banknotes
ISO 4217 code VAL
Central bank Bank of Varkana
User(s)  Varkana
Deflation 0.53% (2014)
1/100 Tetri
Plural lari
Coins 5, 20 & 50 tetri, 1 & 2 lari
Banknotes 5, 10, 20, 50 & 100 lari
Printer Bank of Varkana

The lari (Varkan: ლარი; sign: ლ; code: VAL) is the currency and legal tender of Varkana. The name lari is an old Varkan word denoting a hoard, property, while tetri is an old Varkan monetary term (meaning 'white') used in the 6th century BC.


Before the Varkan revolution

Modern history

Exchange rate

The exchange rate of the lari against other currencies in Adonia is dependent on the monetary policy pursued by Varkana. The lari is based on the energy standard, which is a monetary system where the standard economic unit of account is based on a fixed quantity of energy, whereas the lari was equivalent in September 2014 to 12.04 kWh of electricity, while in June 2015 it went up to 12.12 kWh, a 0.66% deflation in that period.


Lari coins
Image Value Technical parameters Description
Obverse Reverse Diameter Thickness Mass Composition Edge Obverse Reverse
5 tetri coin.jpg 5თ 18.03 mm 1.22 mm 1.75 g Stainless steel Plain Seal of Varkana Denomination numeral "5", and the legend "თეთრი" (tetri) underneath.
20 tetri coin.jpg 20თ 21.2 mm 1.76 mm 3.95 g Denomination numeral "20" and the legend "თეთრი" (tetri) underneath.
50 tetri coin.jpg 50თ 23.88 mm 1.58 mm 4.4 g Denomination numeral "50", and the legend "თეთრი" (tetri).
1 lari coin.jpg 1ლ 26.5 mm 1.75 mm 7 g Cupronickel Plain, formerly 11-sided Seal of Varkana Denomination numeral "1" and legend "ლარი" (lari).
2 lari coin.jpg 2ლ 28 mm 1.8 mm 7.3 g Ring: 99% nickel
Centre: 92% copper
               6% aluminium
               2% nickel
Intermittent milled/smooth/edge lettered Denomination numeral "2" and legend "ლარი" (lari).
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Banknotes of the lari (2010-present issue)
Image Value Obverse Reverse Remark Date of issue
5 lari bill.png 5 lari Inga Korsantia; skyline of Klow Borjgali October 20, 2010
10 lari bill.png 10 lari Ana Kalanda; fjords Borjgali October 20, 2010
20 lari bill.png 20 lari Juls Dadiani; The Bathers by Lado Gudiashvili Borjgali October 20, 2010
50 lari bill.png 50 lari Giorgi Ramishvili; Varkan mountains Borjgali December 15, 2010
100 lari bill.png 100 lari Bessarion Makharadze; Several panduri Borjgali October 29, 2010