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|{{flagicon|Varkana}} [[SAK Varkana]]
|{{flagicon|Varkana}} [[SAK Varkana]]
|align=center | 8 June 2018
|align=center | 8 June 2018

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Sparsam Allianz is an airline alliance formed in June 2018 and headquartered in Koblenz, Würzburg, Breisland. It is Adonia's first alliance to consist only of low-cost carriers (LCCs). It comprises seven Illypnian airlines.


Sparsam Allianz was established by seven airlines in Illypnia on 8 June 2018. The alliance allows passengers to book flights with all of the seven carriers through each partner website, to create itineraries across the region through a single booking. The combined carriers collectively serve more than ??? destinations, primarily in Illypnia, with a total fleet of 1,412 aircraft and an annual total of 290.9 million passengers carried in 2017. Sparsam Allianz is the fourth largest airline alliance in terms of passengers, flights, destinations, combined fleet and members.

Member airlines and affiliates

Member Joined Fleet size Affiliates
Breisland Fliege Breisland 8 June 2018 723
Echia SAK Echia 8 June 2018 53
Faencia SAK Faencia 8 June 2018 23
Galastan SAK Galastan 8 June 2018 45
Meleto SAK Meleto 8 June 2018 16
Zong SAK Ostfosia 1 January 2019 128
Varkana SAK Varkana 8 June 2018 391
Volisania SAK Volisania 8 June 2018 176

Former members and affiliates

Customer service

Co-location at airports (under one roof)

City Airport IATA Terminal Exceptions
Klow President Inga Korsantia International Airport KLO Terminal 2 Some SAK Varkana flights in Terminal 1
Koblenz Koblenz Jürgen Depenbusch International Airport KJD International Fliege Breisland domestic flights