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{{Main|SAK Internationale destinations}}
{{Main|SAK Internationale destinations}}
SAK Varkana flies to 10 domestic destinations and 143 international destinations across two continents.  
SAK Varkana flies to 10 domestic destinations and 143 international destinations across two continents in 73 countries.  
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SAK Varkana
Logo of SAK Varkana.png
IATA ICAO Callsign
Founded9 March 1944
Commenced operations19 September 1944
Operating basesBorjomi
Focus citiesAdygekale
Frequent-flyer programSAK Bonus
AllianceSparsam Allianz
Fleet size511
Parent companySAK Internationale
HeadquartersVale, Varkana
Key peopleIase Zautashvili, CEO
RevenueIncrease TBC billion (2014)
ProfitDecrease TBC million (2014)

SAK Varkana (Varkan: საქართველოს ავიაკომპანია, sakartvelos aviakompania; საკ) is the flag carrier airline of Varkana headquartered in Akhali Vale, Vale, Varkana, with its primary operational bases at Vale airport. It forms the largest part of the SAK Internationale family of airlines, and has SAK Echia, SAK Faencia, SAK Galastan, SAK Meleto, SAK Ostfosia and SAK Volisania as sister airlines.

In 2018, the airline carried more than 118 million passengers, making it the third-largest budget airline in Illypnia by number of passengers carried, behind Fliege Breisland and Mesogäische.

SAK Varkana has consistently been named as Adonia's best low-cost carrier for 10 years in a row in international travel and airline awards, including the latest award for 2018.


Corporate affairs

The airline is fully-owned by SAK Internationale, which is owned by the Government of Varkana. SAK Varkana's stock is listed on the Varkan Stock Exchange. Before the Varkan revolution, several governments considered to privatize the company, but the 2001 transformation into a low-cost carrier was seen as a better alternative for Varkan travelers.

SAK Varkana follows a model of cost-cutting measures such as not selling connecting flights or providing complimentary snacks on board. The key points of this business model are high aircraft utilization, quick turnaround times, charging for extras (such as priority boarding, hold baggage and food) and keeping operating costs low. SAK Varkana flies mainly to the primary airports in the cities that it serves, for the convenience of passengers. SAK Varkana also focuses on attracting business passengers by offering convenient services such as the "Flexi fare" which allows free of charge changes to the flight within a window, speedy boarding and a checked in bag.

Originally, SAK Varkana did not allocate seats – passengers took any available seats, with the option to pay for "Speedy Boarding" and be first onto the aircraft. However, since 2010, all passengers are allocated numbered seats before boarding commences, as it was found that this does not slow down boarding times and could earn more revenue than Speedy Boarding. Passengers can pay an additional fee for certain seats such as the front few rows and over-wing seats (which have extra legroom).

Corporate design


The company revealed a new livery in December 2005. Major changes include a restyled and larger lettering on the body, repainting of the engines in white, and a reversal of the color scheme for the tail fin favoring a red background with a black and white stylized logo.

Uniform of SAK Varkana flight attendants

SAK Varkana's current uniform was designed by NAME and launched in December 2005. SAK Varkana has codes to indicate the rank of crew member: one stripe in the sleeve for normal cabin attendant, two stripes for senior cabin crew (only for outsourced crew), three stripes a purser. It is the first airline uniform to be neutral-gendered, with the company providing the same clothing to all genders.

Financial performance

The key trends for SAK Internationale (SAK Varkana represents roughly 80% of its parent company) over recent years are shown below (as at year ending 31 December):

2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Turnover (BR₭m) 3,501 3,972 4,543 4,959 5,590 6,418 7,197 8,317 9,255 10,069 10,669 12,145
Profit (BR₭m) 346 368 392 462 534 572 656 751 859 973 1,173 262
Number of employees (FTE) 18,901 20,214 20,186 21,836 22,687 23,525 24,551 25,392 26,683 28,356 29,580 32,085
Number of passengers (m) 58.3 64.1 71.2 76.3 82.2 92.6 100.0 111.2 121.8 130.8 136.7 148.2
Passenger load factor (%) 81.6 82.7 82.4 83.7 84.2 85.4 86.8 87.7 88.0 90.7 91.2 91.3
Number of aircraft (at year end) 468 508 545 598 686 714 779 907


SAK Varkana flies to 10 domestic destinations and 143 international destinations across two continents in 73 countries.

Airports with most SAK Varkana Destinations (June 2017)
Rank Airport Number of Destinations
1 Klow-Zestafoni (Vale, Varkana) 129
2 Gali, Varkana 77
3 Kojori, Varkana 63
4 Senaki (Amos, Varkana) 57
5 Kaspi, Varkana 54
6 Borjomi, Varkana 38
7 Tsalka, Varkana 16
8 Zaglianu, Varkana 14
9 Foli, Varkana 14
10 Rustavi, Varkana 12
SAK Varkana Hubs by Daily Departures (2017 Average)
Rank Airport Daily Departures
1 Klow-Zestafoni (Vale, Varkana) 450
2 Gali, Varkana 250
4 Kojori, Varkana 225
5 Kaspi, Varkana 180
3 Senaki (Amos, Varkana) 130
SAK Varkana's largest Varkan hubs by passengers carried (2017)
Airport Passengers carried Market share (%)
Varkana Klow 26,393,725 54.63
Varkana Gali 13,684,978 67.85
Varkana Kojori 11,293,801 73.27
Varkana Kaspi 9,984,269 66.98
Varkana Senaki 9,715,493 35.11
Varkana Borjomi 6,473,815 62.42
Varkana Zaglianu-Meloda 2,777,948 66.35
Varkana Foli 1,599,808 77.00
Varkana Tsalka 1,550,713 43.16
Varkana Rustavi 1,332,010 12.62
Varkana 84,806,560 53.93

SAK Varkana has codeshare agreements with the following airlines:


SAK Varkana Aikok A319-100
SAK Varkana EmAe 190
SAK Varkana Fleet
Aircraft In Service Orders Passengers Notes
C Y Total
Aero 146E 150 116 116 Launch customer. Replacing EmAe 190. Deliveries through 2022.
Aikok A319-100 110 156 156
Aikok A320-200 255 186 186
Aikok A321neoLR 100 12 194 206 Deliveries from 2019 to 2024.
EmAe 190 146 108 108 Launch customer and largest operator. To be replaced by Aero 146E.
Total 511 250



In the 20th century, booking was done by telephone and at selected urban offices throughout the nation since 1944. In 2001, SAK started a website for direct bookings, putting a different telephone reservations number on the website, to track success. Once the company's executive saw the positive results, they developed an e-commerce website capable of offering real-time online booking from Summer 2001.

In January 2003, SAK switched from a third-party reservation system to an in-house system. Internet bookings were priced cheaper than booking over the phone, to reflect the reduced call center costs. Within a year over 50% of bookings were made using the web site; by April 2005 the figure had jumped to 99%. Now, flights can be booked either via the Internet or Varkana's Intranet within 3 months of the flight. Booking by phone has been discontinued in 2006.

Cabin and onboard services

SAK Varkana's aircraft cabins are configured in a single economy class, high density layout. The airline's fleet, comprising Aikok A319, Aikok A320 and EmAe E190 aircraft, carry up to 156, 186 and 108 passengers respectively.

SAK Varkana does not provide complimentary meals or beverages on board its flights. Passengers may purchase items on board from the "SAK Bistro" buy on board program. Products include sandwiches, pastries, snacks, hot drinks, soft drinks and alcoholic drinks. SAK also sells gifts such as blankets, toilet products, and books on board, as well as tickets for airport transfer services or train tickets. The SAK magazine called "სამგზავრო" or "samgzavro" is published monthly and as other airline magazines, is free to go, and is only available in Varkan.

SAK provides no in-flight entertainment (IFE) in any of its aircraft. SAK has headphones available to purchase, along with a travel pillow and eyeshades, subject to stock. SAK provides an in-flight magazine, published monthly, containing articles of interest to its customers and destination guides.