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FoundedFebruary 11, 2011; 9 years ago (2011-02-11)
FounderYohan Lokensar
Key people
Karti Arenha (CEO),
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Number of employees

Quantal is a immunotherapy company based in Khabale, Sabia. The company was founded by Yohan Lokensar, a prominent cancer researcher from the University of Kankadadka in Burawa. The company produces clinical-trial stage immunotherapy programs for pancreatic and breast cancer.


Quantal was founded by Yohan Lokensar after his departure from the cancer research lab of the University of Kankadadka in 2011. Lokensar originally founded the company in Kankadadka but was forced to move his operations to Sabia as the University of Kankadadka launched an investigation on possible intellectual property violations. The investigation was dropped in 2013, citing lack of evidence.

Quantal in the meantime had continued to expand, working on three sets of immunotherapy programs that attempted to tackle pancreatic, breast and liver cancer. These programs utilized a variety of pharmaceutical products including three in-home developed products. Later in 2015 the company had listed on the Koblenz Stock Exchange.

In 2019, Quantal released a report detailing a success in curing triple-negative breast cancer in a set of patients. In November of that year Lokensar stepped down as CEO after being listed as a sanctioned individual by Burawa under the Maya Losaxa strategy.

Therapies and Products

IL-15 superagonist, "Kayoor"

Kayoor is a superagonist that targets and improves cytokine interleukin-15 in the human body. The medicine was developed in late 2015 and is being used in clinical trials since 2017 after approval by the Medical Board of Sabia.

Pancreatic Cancer Therapy

Quantal's primary focus on Pancreatic Cancer therapy has continued to produce fruitful results with partial recoveries in most patients and full recovery in others.

Breast Cancer Therapy

As of 2019, Qantal's latest breast cancer therapy has resulted in a 100% success rate within clinical trials for Triple-negative breast cancer. The therapy is continuing to go under trials to assure success from remissions.

Prostate Cancer Therapy

Qantal's foray into prostate cancer therapy has been minimally reported as it has begun research in 2016. Clinical trials for this therapy would begin in 2020.