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{| class="wikitable sortable"
{| class="wikitable sortable"
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|+  Annual passenger traffic at President Inga Korsantia International Airport<br>2010 through 2018
|+  Annual passenger traffic at President Inga Korsantia International Airport<br>2010 through 2019
! style="width:75px"| Year !! style="width:100px"| Passenger volume !! style="width:75px"| % change !! style="width:125px"| [[Mesogean Area]] !! style="width:75px"| % change !! style="width:100px"| International !! style="width:75px"| % change  
! style="width:75px"| Year !! style="width:100px"| Passenger volume !! style="width:75px"| % change !! style="width:125px"| [[Mesogean Area]] !! style="width:75px"| % change !! style="width:100px"| International !! style="width:75px"| % change  
|- style="text-align:center;"
! 2019
|58,460,617 || {{increase}} 8.62% ||  37,404,344 || {{increase}} 10.23% || 21,056,273 || {{increase}} 5.87%
|- style="text-align:center;"
|- style="text-align:center;"
! 2018
! 2018

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President Inga Korsantia International Airport
პრეზიდენტი ინგა კორსანტია საერთაშორისო აეროპორტში
prezidenti inga korsantia saertashoriso aeroportshi
Klow International Airport.jpg
Airport type Public
Serves Greater Klow Area
Location Vale, Varkana
Hub for SAK Varkana
Focus city for Aeolus
Elevation AMSL 70 ft / 21 m
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Website valeaeroportshi.com

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Direction Length Surface
m ft
13L/31R 3,500 11,483 Asphalt
13R/31L 2,851 9,355 Asphalt
Statistics (2018)
Passengers 53,821,227
Freight (tons) 1,208,327

President Inga Korsantia International Airport (Varkan: პრეზიდენტი ინგა კორსანტია საერთაშორისო აეროპორტში, prezidenti inga korsantia saertashoriso aeroportshi)(IATA: KLO, ICAO: CVKL) also known as Klow International Airport and Vale Airport, located in Vale, 29 km (18 miles) southeast of Klow, is Varkana's busiest international airport by passenger traffic the country, handling 53,821,227 passengers in 2018. The airport features two passenger terminals and two runways and serves as a hub for SAK Varkana.

It is currently one of three airports serving the capital, with the others being Rustavi Airport, 64 km southwest of Klow, and Theodosia Airport right across the Aetolian border some 80 km east of Klow. The airport is named after Varkan late President Inga Korsantia, assassinated on 24 May 1971 during the 1971 coup. The airport features three passenger terminals and two runways and is able to handle wide-body aircraft up to the Aikok A380.

An extensive network of non-stop international flights is operated from Vale Airport by state-owned airline SAK Varkana. With 450 daily flights by the Varkan company, it is the largest operator in the airport, handling 26.4 million passengers in 2017.


The present airport was opened on 19 April 1927 as a military base for the SD, after two years of construction. After the end of the war the airport opened for civil use in 1948.



Aerial view of Vale Airport in 2017

Terminal 1 and 2 are connected by a 1.21 km, elevated, two-way automated people mover landside. They are not connected once past security.

Terminal 1

The official opening of the central and main pier of what is now Terminal 1, with 11 aircraft stands, was on 9 June 1958. Vale Airport was one of Adonia's first airports with an enclosed pier-based terminal, which allowed passengers to walk under cover to waiting areas near the aircraft (with only a short walk outdoors). Another feature of Vale's new air terminal was its modular design, permitting subsequent, phased expansion. As passenger numbers grew, a circular satellite pier was added to the terminal building. It was connected to the main terminal by Varkana's first automated people mover system. The people mover was subsequently replaced with a walkway and travelators.

Terminal 1 has three concourses, Concourse A, Concourse B and Concourse G.

Terminal 2

Construction began on Terminal 2 on land previously earmarked for long-term parking lots in 1970. This was the largest single construction project in Varkana in the 1980s, costing 350 million lari. In 1991 a second aircraft concourse was added to Terminal 2. On 16 May 2005 the new Concourse V opened at a cost of 200 million lari, adding 11 concourse-served aircraft stands. The concourse is linked to Terminal 2's main building by the largest air passenger bridge in Adonia, spanning a taxiway and providing passengers with views of the airport and taxiing aircraft. It features a railway station and Capital Metro station with high speed rail link to Klow Central station.

Terminal 2 is used exclusively by SAK Internationale's partner airlines including SAK Varkana and codeshare partners Fliege Breisland and FlugKotsien. It has four concourses, lettered D, E, V and Z.


Vale Airport has a number of air cargo facilities. The largest cargo complex is located on the north side of the airport, beyond the two parallel runways. The airport is one of the largest in terms of cargo in the Mesogean Cooperation Organization, and is the primary connecting point for cargo between the Dinarides and the world. In 2007, Kudir opened up a major operations base at the airport and currently operates a large cargo facility at the airport. Most major passenger airlines use the airport to carry hold cargo on passenger flights, though most cargo is transported by all-cargo airlines.


Terminal 2 expansion (2016-2020)

The Government of Varkana approved in early 2016 a project of expansion of Terminal 2 further north, with another passenger bridge to an area currently occupied by aircraft stands without jet bridges (Concourse Z). Concourse V will also be extended to the east. The extension of the concourses intends to alleviate the high level of congestion on the tarmac and in the airport. Upon completion, Terminal 2 will have twenty new gates for wide-body jets, including eight for the Aikok A380 and EmAe EA-12.

Terminal 3 (2020-2030)

In July 2017, the Government of Varkana announced the construction of a new terminal east of the existing Terminal 2. A new station of the Capital Metro will be located in the terminal, serving both the Red Line and the new Khaki Line. Terminal 3 will be a designated low cost carrier terminal. It will be partly built on the site of the South cargo facilities, which will be destroyed. It will be connected to Terminal 2 via an underground tunnel between Concourse V and Terminal 3's Concourse I. Terminal 3 will feature four new concourses, lettered T, I, K' and L. Costs of the new terminal are estimated at 7 billion lari.

The construction of a third terminal at Vale Airport is part of the 2017-2037 Master Plan developed by the Government of Varkana. Government estimates have put the annual expected passenger flow of Vale Airport for 2035 at 156 million, with an average growth rate of 10%. A potential third and fourth runways are expected to be needed in around 2035 according to government studies, with land acquired for that purpose from the commune of Vale. The runways would essentially be built on reclaimed land from the Bolomos Pond and Lake Bazaleti, to the north of the current airport territory and the cargo facilities.



Airlines Destinations Terminal
Aeolus Fraxos, Lefki, Myra, Palaiochori-Juktas, Skopelos, Sozopolis, Thyrasa, Volos 1
Aeolus Link Itanos, Theodosia-Antonius 1
Aetolien Fluglinie Lefki, Myra, Palaiochori-Juktas, Palaiochori-Patras, Skopelos, Sozopolis, Thyrasa 1
Avia Svaneti Adygekale 1
Aviolinee Echiane Capua, Cartena, Salona 1
Aviolinee Echiane
operated by Luftechia
Curticelle, Noara, Quaglietta, Serino, Tufo 1
Breisflügel Jena
Seasonal: Koblenz-Kuhn, Velden
Burawi Mazar Fluglinie Mazar 1
CHHK Huwei-Phokau 1
Dawati Docol-Khamiisey, Iskhal-Togdheer, Kankadadka 1
Fliege Breisland Koblenz-Depenbusch, Siegen-2 etc. 2
FlugKotsien Kotorp, Kopsi, Sredin, Jaddasino, Dyrazz, Tržnica, Goreinki, Vrag, Crkvina, Tir Barışehri-2
Seasonal: Kaljor, Epir, Prren
Hawada Mazar Mazar 1
Kontinental Koblenz-Hagedorn 1
KotorpiLuft Dyrazz, Kopsi, Kotorp, Sredin
Seasonal: Kaljor, Vrag
Lambdia Fluglinie Lambdia 1
Luftlagash Barsip, Hadar, Marqash 1
Luftwürzburg Cottbus 1
Orientalisch Burawi Fluglinie Badalga-Fiishar, Iskhal-Togdheer
Seasonal: Yeria
SAK Faencia Faencia 2
SAK Galastan Yarshuq 2
SAK Meleto Mazzanta 2
SAK Varkana Abidasi, Adygekale, Al Rufaa, Ampuria-Platja, Amundsen-Randvik, Apollonia, Arachadzor, Ashos, Asøn-Freyr, Balanej, Barsip, Beled, Bonongo, Blumenaue, Botão, Bugia, Capua, Cartena, Castejón, Cherniv, Crotone, Curticelle, Dertosa-Quevedo, Dirranmoticha-Demeksa, Dyrazz, Faencia, Firuzabad, Gazarta, Hadar, Hekelingen, Hiiran, Hildesheim, Honameh, Iänudâh, Iskhal-Togdheer, Barışehri, Jaddasino, Jena, Khabale, Kikhavn, Kisecik, Koblenz-Depenbusch, Kolonia, Kopsi, Kotorp, Kultepe, Ladiki, Laskowice, Lefki, Loiola, Malynogorod, Marqash, Massè, Mirjan, Mizia, Molinsk, Morentu, Myra, Oleiros, Pruszkow, Quaglietta, Raph, Ratae, Santu Inaciu, Salona, Sargazon, Sekule, Shimora, Siavoshan-Esfandan, Siegen, Skarsgå, Skopelos, Sorkun, Sozopolis, Sredin, Szob, Thyrasa, Tufo, Vaja, Vesona 2 (79)
SAK Volisania Ampuria-Platja 2
Zento Aerolinge Jaddasino, Bukovac, Kalmete 1


Airlines Destinations &#13;
Eilsendungen Blumenaue, Bottrop, Capua, Cartena, Dirranmoticha-Demeksa, Iskhal-Togdheer, Barışehri, Marqash, Palaiochori-Juktas, Senones, Siavoshan-Esfandan, Skopelos, Zuhar
Kudir Huwei-Phokau, Iskhal-Togdheer, Kededuma, Koblenz, Molinsk


Busiest routes from Vale Airport (2017)
Rank City Passengers %
Top carriers
Mesogean Area
1  Volisania, Ampuria (Beatriu, Rossinyol, Platja) 2,462,577 Increase 7.5% Mesogäische, SAK Varkana, SAK Volisania, Volisen Fluglinie
2  Aetolia, Myra 2,164,483 Increase 13.2% Aeolus, Aeolus Link, Aetolien Fluglinie, SAK Varkana
3  Aetolia, Skopelos 1,474,519 Increase 7.1% Aeolus, Aeolus Link, Aetolien Fluglinie, SAK Varkana
4  Echia, Capua 1,284,063 Increase 12.9% Aviolinee Echiane, Mesogäische, SAK Echia, SAK Varkana
5  Volisania, Vesona 934,820 Increase 3.0% Aerolínia Volisanya, SAK Varkana, SAK Volisania
6  Aetolia, Palaiochori (Juktas, Patras) 863,778 Decrease 1.8% Aeolus, Aeolus Link, Aetolien Fluglinie, Iremialuft, SAK Varkana
7  Aetolia, Lefki 817,664 Increase 1.2% Aeolus, Aetolien Fluglinie, SAK Varkana
8  Rutuli, Aquileia 746,112 Increase 0.8% SAK Varkana
9  Kotcija, Dyrazz 692,947 Increase 4.4% FlugKotsien, KotorpiLuft, SAK Varkana
10  Monsora, Massè 668,017 Increase 10.7% SAK Varkana
11  Aetolia, Sozopolis 575,682 Increase 8.6% SAK Varkana
12  Kotcija, Kopsi 549,647 Increase 8.6% FlugKotsien, KotorpiLuft, SAK Varkana
13  Tortona, Tortona 471,949 Increase 8.0% LAT, SAK Varkana
14  Faencia, Mazzarri 445,704 Increase 7.0% SAK Faencia, SAK Varkana
15  Meleto, Mazzanta 433,384 Increase 5.8% SAK Meleto, SAK Varkana
16  Svaneti, Adygekale 410,601 Increase 8.3% Avia Svaneti, SAK Varkana
17  Lagash, Marqash 402,806 Increase 1.5% Lagashien Fluglinie, SAK Varkana
18  Volisania, Ratae 389,633 Increase 1.5% SAK Varkana, SAK Volisania
19  Echia, Cartena 367,940 Increase 1.5% Aviolinee Echiane, SAK Echia, SAK Varkana
20  Volisania, Rotonda 360,902 Increase 1.5% SAK Varkana, SAK Volisania
1  Breisland, Koblenz (Hagedorn, Kuhn, Depenbusch) 1,874,781 Increase 5.2% Fliege Breisland, Kontinental, SAK Varkana
2  Burawa, Iskhal-Togdheer 1,579,086 Increase 7.3% Dawati, Orientalisch Burawi Fluglinie, SAK Varkana
3  Vasaras, Siavoshan-Esfandan 963,133 Increase 5.7% Luftvasaras, SAK Varkana
2  Burawa, Mazar 814,915 Increase 5.9% Burawi Mazar Fluglinie, Luft Mazar, SAK Varkana
3  Orma, Dirranmoticha-Demeksa 681,814 Increase 1.2% SAK Varkana
4 Triphylia/Areza Triphylia/Areza, Raph/Areza 650,756 Increase 0.9% SAK Varkana
5  Breisland, Jena 638,846 Increase 1.2% SAK Varkana
6  Kalinova, Malynogorod 603,173 Increase 14.8% SAK Varkana
7  Sarta, Dertosa (Berlanga, Quevedo) 526,248 Decrease 0.8% SAK Varkana
8  Sakalia, Mizia 512,934 Increase 3.6% Avioliniya Sakalya, SAK Varkana
9  Bayara, Castejon 487,844 Increase 0.6% SAK Varkana
10  Jarin, Apollonia 440,936 Increase 3.2% SAK Varkana
11  Skade, Amundsen-Randvik 374,168 Increase 3.2% SAK Varkana
12  Nabia, Santu Iniaciu 339,166 Increase 3.2% SAK Varkana
13  Hersatia, Prespiêrs 284,699 Increase 3.2% SAK Varkana
14  Jarin, Shimora 218,614 Increase 3.2% SAK Varkana
15  Burawa, Lambdia 210,036 Increase 3.2% SAK Varkana
16  Daras, Luanjing 191,155 Increase 3.2% SAK Varkana
17  Vasaras, Qoltuq 174,368 Increase 3.2% SAK Varkana
18  Skade, Asøn-Freyr 172,791 Increase 3.2% SAK Varkana
19  Breisland, Cottbus 170,086 Increase 3.2% Luftwürzburg, SAK Varkana
20  Vasaras, Arachadzor 159,372 Increase 3.2% SAK Varkana
Countries with passenger movements from/to Vale Airport (2017)
Rank Country Passengers 2017
1  Aetolia 7,466,114
2  Volisania 6,054,212
3  Breisland 3,973,517
4  Burawa 3,845,529
5  Echia 3,245,642
6  Vasaras 2,369,178
7  Kotcija 2,132,263
8  Kalinova 1,657,928
9  Jarin 1,617,451
10  Orma 1,446,112

Airline market share

Busiest airlines serving Vale Airport (Jan 2017 – Dec 2017)
Airlines   Passengers (arriving and departing)
Varkana SAK Varkana
Aetolia Aeolus
Vasaras Luftvasaras
Echia Aviolinee Echiane
Volisania SAK Volisania

Annual traffic

Annual passenger traffic at President Inga Korsantia International Airport
2010 through 2019
Year Passenger volume % change Mesogean Area % change International % change
2019 58,460,617 Increase 8.62% 37,404,344 Increase 10.23% 21,056,273 Increase 5.87%
2018 53,821,227 Increase 11.39% 33,932,998 Increase 8.90% 19,888,229 Increase 15.92%
2017 48,316,743 Increase 14.57% 31,159,778 Increase 11.39% 17,156,965 Increase 15.81%
2016 41,276,994 Increase 10.13% 26,776,386 Increase 8.95% 14,500,608 Increase 12.38%
2015 37,095,635 Increase 9.73% 24,324,720 Increase 12.61% 12,770,915 Increase 4.64%
2014 33,486,230 Increase 8.41% 21,397,032 Increase 2.69% 12,089,198 Increase 20.25%
2013 30,670,038 Increase 5.26% 20,688,167 Increase 6.38% 9,981,871 Increase 3.01%
2012 29,056,794 Increase 3.62% 19,393,086 Increase 3.05% 9,663,708 Increase 4.78%
2011 28,004,938 Increase 7.28% 18,794,505 Increase 9.26% 9,210,433 Increase 3.45%
2010 25,966,179 Increase 4.36% 17,109,895 Increase 3.6% 8,856,284 Increase 6.4%

Ground transportation

Capital Metro

Two Capital Metro stations serve the airport, both on the Red Line, namely T’erminali 1 and T’erminali 2. Klow Central is reached non-stop from Terminal 1 in 25 minutes with the Aerostsrap'i special service train, and in 30 minutes from Terminal 2.


The airport includes an MSM station on the MSR Anaklia high-speed line. SARK operates direct MSM services to several Varkan stations from Vale Airport, including Abasha, Anaklia, Gali, Mestia, Zestafoni, Sololaki, Klow, as well as services to Theodosia in Aetolia.

InterCommunal rail

Vale Airport is connected to central Klow by InterCommunal services from the Airport station.



Vale Airport is directly connected to the G75 motorway, a branch of the G7 motorway that connects Vale and Klow.


The ride by taxi from Vale Airport to central Klow takes 25 minutes and costs from 30 to 45 lari, depending on the type of service/car required.

Alternative airports

Vale Airport is located 64 km from Theodosia Antoninus International Airport and 80 km from Rustavi International Airport.