Nadiradze Cheka-Kukhili

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Nadiradze Elva
The NMUSAF's preserved C.200 in the markings of 372° Sq., Regia Aeronautica
Role Fighter
Manufacturer Aeronavtika Nadiradze
Designed by Zakaria Nadiradze
First flight 10 August 1940
Introduced July 1941
Retired 1951
Primary user SD
Number built 1,151 + 2 Prototypes
Developed from Nadiradze Elva
Developed into Nadiradze Chaghara

The Nadiradze Cheka-Kukhili (Varkan: ნადირაძე ჭექა-ქუხილი) was a fighter aircraft developed and manufactured by Aeronavtika Nadiradze in Varkana. It was operated in various forms by the SD who used the type in and around the Great Adonian War.

The Cheka-Kukhili was designed by a team headed by Varkan aeronautics engineer Zakaria Nadiradze. The C.Cheka-Kukhili was a development of the earlier Elva, powered by a TBD engine and featuring a redesigned fuselage for greater streamlining. During July 1941, the Cheka-Kukhili went into service with the SD. In combat, it very quickly proved itself to be an effective and deadly dogfighter against its contemporaries. During its service life, the Cheka-Kukhili was deployed in the Battle of Kastruneto and the Battle of Varkana.

Following the 1943 armistice, the type was mostly used as a trainer aircraft. The type was also operated by Vasaras.