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A modal share (also called mode split, mode-share, or modal split) is the percentage of travelers using a particular type of transportation or number of trips using said type. In freight transportation, this may be measured in mass.

Modal share is an important component in developing sustainable transport within a city or region. In recent years, many cities have set modal share targets for balanced and sustainable transport modes, particularly 30% of non-motorized (cycling and walking) and 30% of public transport. These goals reflect a desire for a modal shift, or a change between modes, and usually encompasses an increase in the proportion of trips made using sustainable modes.

Comparability of data

Modal share data is usually obtained by travel surveys, which are often conducted by local governments, using different methodologies. Sampling and interviewing techniques, definitions, the extent of geographical areas and other methodological differences can influence comparability. Most typical surveys refer to the main mode of transport used during trips to work. Surveys covering entire metropolitan ares are preferred over city proper surveys which typically cover only the denser inner city.

Modal split of journeys to work

The following tables present the modal split of journeys to work. Note that it is better to use a measure of all trips on a typical weekday, but journey to work data is more readily available. It would also be beneficial to disaggregate private motor vehicles figures to car driver and car passenger.

Cities over 1,000,000 inhabitants

City walking cycling public transport private motor vehicle year Survey Area
Burawa Badalga 11% 1% 54% 34% 2016 UA
Burawa Catania 25% 6% 49% 20% 2016 UA
Burawa Docol 18% 2% 47% 33% 2016 UA
Varkana Gali 13% 3% 37% 47% 2016 UA
Burawa Iskhal 20% 6% 69% 5% 2016 UA
Burawa Kankadadka 31% 8% 47% 12% 2016 UA
Varkana Klow 18% 2% 48% 32% 2016 UA
Burawa Lanwaley 18% 3% 48% 31% 2016 UA
Burawa Masina 25% 0% 27% 47% 2016 UA
Burawa Mazar 22% 4% 62% 12% 2016 UA
Burawa Pazano 27% 5% 38% 30% 2016 UA
Burawa Samara 18% 6% 55% 21% 2016 UA