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President of the Bar
Lu Chuntao
?th President of the Bar of Varkana
Assumed office
12 May 2015
Personal details
Born Lu Chuntao
(1970-10-04) 4 October 1970 (age 49)
Baqiao, Daras
Spouse(s) Markos Belakneli
Residence Klow
Alma mater Klow University
Religion Atheism

Chuntao Lu (Darasian: 盧春桃, Lú Chūntáo; Varkan: ჩუნთაო ლუ, chuntao lu) is a Varkan lawyer and the current president of the Bar of Varkana.

Early life and education

Born in Baqiao, Daras, she immigrated to Varkana in 1977. She grew up in Klow's 11th District.

She holds a bachelor's degree in administration, a law degree and a master's degree in business administration from Klow University.


She has been working since 1998 as a lawyer in her husband's law firm. Highly involved in Varkan society, she advocates for the rights of young people and ethnic minorities. She was elected President of the Young Bar of Varkana in 2006. In 2008, she received the Young Bar Award. She has been teaching administrative law at the Varkan Bar School since 2013.

She was President of the Bar of Klow from 2010 to 2011. She became vice president of the executive committee of the Bar of Varkana in 2014, before being elected President of the Bar of Varkana in May 2015. In July 2015 she was suspended from the position.


Criminal accusations and coup

On July 1, 2017, after Lu acknowledged that she had been the subject of a police complaint for shoplifting, the Bar of Varkana's Executive Board unanimously decided to request her resignation. Lu having refused to resign, the Executive Board unanimously decides to suspend her until further notice. Lu has denied stealing anything. She was never charged, her case taking advantage of a diversion program for minor cases.

In August 2017, Monamedia revealed that Lu was illegally ousted by the Bar's Executive Board which included Lavrosi Kalandarishvili who replaced Lu as Bar president. As a result of the investigation, Lu was reinstated as Bar president.

Accusations of conflict of interest

Lu's husband, Markos Belakneli, was Minister of Justice from 2003 to 2004. Some of Lu's opponents have accused her of benefiting from her husband's position and relationship with the President and the government. Belakneli has refuted these claims, saying he had "many clients, including the Bajusz–Latso family."