Ina Vang

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Ina Vang
3rd Secretary of Foreign Affairs
Assumed office
1 January 2012
President Giorgi Latso
Prime Minister Council of Ten
Personal details
Born Ina Sofia Vang Kyriakou
(1985-04-16) 16 April 1985 (age 35)
Jandari, Varkana
Political party Renewal Party
Residence Klow
Alma mater Klow University
Religion Armazism

Ina Vang Kyriakou (Varkan: ინა ვანგ ქyრიაქოუ; born 16 April 1985 in Jandari, Varkana) is a Varkan politician and the current Secretary of Foreign Affairs since 1 January 2012.

Early life and education

Vang was born and raised in Jandari, in central Varkana. She is the third of four children. Vang's father is an Aetolian-Varkan from Rekovilos, and her mother is of Skadian descent, although the Vang family has been in Varkana for generations.

After graduating from Jandari Secondary School in 2002, she went to Dickichtland in Empodia for two years as part of the Reisen Schule, an open learning environment. She came back after Zurab Avalishvili's election as the new President, and the beginning of the Varkan revolution, that she entirely supported. She attended Zestafoni University for a year and then transferred to Kaspi University, where she studied international law and sociology, graduating in 2010.

She worked as public relations manager for a Varkan firm in Kaspi until 2012. During that time, she met Khatia Nutsubidze, Giorgi Latso's spin doctor, and managed to catch Latso's attention for the position of Secretary of Foreign Affairs.

Secretary of Foreign Affairs


As per Varkan custom, the President nominates their staff on the same day as their inauguration. In January 2012, after the election of Giorgi Latso as the 40th President of Varkana, he announced he would nominate Ina Vang as Secretary of Foreign Affairs. She was initially quite reluctant, but after discussing privately with Latso on the phone, she accepted the position. Her nomination was relatively controversial, considering she was unknown to the public and had no political career prior to her nomination.

Vang took the oath of office of Secretary of Foreign Affairs and became the youngest nominated secretary at 26 years old and 363 days at the time.


Vang in ???, Kaftia

As Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Vang championed the expansion of aristocratic communalism throughout the world. Vang also reformed and restructured the secretariat, as well as Varkan diplomacy as a whole. The "New Varkan Diplomacy" is the goal that Vang describes as "work[ing] with our many partners around the world... [and] build[ing] and sustain[ing] progressive, well-governed states that will respond to the needs of their people and conduct themselves responsibly in the international system and for the planet."

As Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Vang traveled heavily and initiated many diplomatic efforts on behalf of the Latso presidency; she holds the record for most countries visited and most kilometers traveled in the position, counting Third Republic foreign ministers. Her diplomacy relies on strong presidential support and is considered to be part of a decision-making hexagon between President Latso, Secretary of Defense Asatiani, Vice-President and Chief of Staff Khatia Nutsubidze, First Lady Marianna Bajusz and herself.

A main point of her restructuring of the secretariat was requiring diplomats to serve some time in hardship locations, gain expertise in at least two regions, and become fluent in two new foreign languages, such as Breislandic, Zong, or Parani. She also required diplomats to gain focus on regional and national solutions to ethnic and religious conflicts, stressing the need for Varkana to "show a logical mutually beneficial path to solve issues."

Since 2016


Political positions

Vang is a member of the Renewal Party since 2010, believing strongly in aristocratic communalism, tripartism and palingenetic ultranationalism. She considers herself to be far-right but "without the usual bigotry."

The Bechdvit describes Vang as "aristocratic communalist and strongly socially conservative. She is confrontational on foreign policy and ideologically committed to Latso's gerissenpolitik."

Human rights

In Vang's opinion, the "rejection of globalized Abrahamic cultural practices is one of the keystones of Varkan human-rights policy. Some of these practices are anti-humanist and ethically wrong," including to her most notably the mistreatment of women and mutilation of children. She has been a vivid supporter of Armazist religious laws and ethics.


Regional integration


Energy policy

In 2013, Vang reaffirmed in a speech how energy plays a key role in modern-day politics and economics, urging nations around Adonia to adopt the energy standard and stop "decades of fraudulent capitalism." She has also been promoting, throughout her tenure, global electrified transportation based on what she calls the "Varkan model."

Relations with Aetolia

U/C Together with her Aetolian counterpart Panagiotis Metaxas, she has flown on several joint diplomatic missions in 2015, including to ??.

Relations with Breisland


Relations with Eastern Fosia


Relations with the Western Fosia


Relations with Northern Kaftia


Relations with Southern Kaftia


Personal life

Vang is a devout armazist, attending official temple ceremonies every month in Klow. She advocates armazism to become again Varkana's official state religion, although believing in the separation of church and state in education especially.

An avid follower of football, she has been a fan of the Dinamo Klow S.K. since her childhood in the 1st district. She played football herself as part of her secondary school's team as a forward. During some of her trips abroad while Secretary of Foreign Affairs, she played the game with the local population on several occasions. Vang has been described by commentators and various politicians as having an eccentric but charismatic personality with solid convictions.