Igmo conflict

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The Igmo conflict or Northern Bonande War is an ongoing conflict in Northern Bonande between Igmo rebels and the Bonande military. Igmo insurgents have been fighting government soldiers since 1960, with only one ceasefire being brokered between them, which lasted for 14 years from 1992 to 2006. The conflict was largely set off by the First Bonandian Civil War, which had led to increased ethnic consciousness, a large supply of small arms, and the formation of various armed groups.

Since the resumption of hostilities in 2006, thousands of civilians have been killed, while over 500,000 have been displaced. Widespread use of landmines, child soldiers, systematic rape and torture have been alleged by both sides.

The Adonian Community Stability Mission in Bonande (MECAB) has played a large role in the conflict. With a 18,000-strong force, the Igmo conflict constitutes the largest peacekeeping mission currently in operation by the Adonian Community.


First conflict (1960–1992)

Second conflict (2006–present)