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| caption          =
| caption          =
| type            = [[wikipedia:Public company|Public]]
| type            = [[wikipedia:Public company|Public]]
| traded_as        = {{BSE|HHN}}
| traded_as        = {{KSE|HHN}}
| genre            =
| genre            =
| foundation      = {{start date and age|1975|08|11}}
| foundation      = {{start date and age|1975|08|11}}

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Herzog Trading Company
Native name
Herzog Handelsunternehmen
Traded as KSEHHN
Industry Commodities trading
Founded August 11, 1975; 44 years ago (1975-08-11)
Founder Christa Samatar
Lau Iong
Headquarters Koblenz, Breisland
Area served
Key people
Lau Iong (Chairman)
Leon Weber (CEO)
Products Metals and minerals, agricultural products, manufactured goods
Revenue Increase BR₭ 101.255 billion (2014)
Increase BR₭ 1.7 billion (2014)
Total equity Increase BR₭ 53.4 billion (2014)
Number of employees
80,595 (2013)
Website https://www.htc.com/

The Herzog Trading Company is a Breislandic-Zong multinational commodity trading and mining company with headquarters in Koblenz, Breisland, and a registered office in Fiorano, Rufusia. The company was originally founded in 1975 as a manufactured good re-seller for Fosian goods to customers in Illypnia. Through various mergers and acquisitions such as the Central Kaftian Mining Export Company and Huashi in the 1990's and 2000's the company has become one of the largest independent commodities traders in energy, agriculture, and chemicals in the world.