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Gordeli T.406.jpg
Role Fighter
Manufacturer Gordeli
First flight 8 August 1934 (T.405)
Introduced 1936
Retired 1942
Status Retired
Primary users SD
Vasari Air Force
Number built 1,176

The Gordeli T.406 was a Varkan fighter aircraft developed and manufactured by Gordeli starting in 1936. At the beginning of the war, it was one of only two Varkan-built aircraft capable of 400 km/h – the other being the TBD. In response to a requirement for a fighter issued by the SD in 1933, Gordeli built a prototype, designated T.405, of mixed materials. This had the distinction of being the company's first low-wing monoplane, as well as the first to feature an enclosed cockpit, and the first design with a retracting undercarriage. The entry to service of the T.406 to the SD in early 1936 represented the first modern fighter aircraft to be adopted by the service. Although a sturdy and highly maneuverable fighter aircraft, it was considered under-powered compared to its contemporaries.