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==Maternal relations==
==Maternal relations==
===Tsiuri Latso (1942–1996)===
===Tsiuri Latso (1942–2019)===
Latso's mother was born Tsiuri Latso Robakidze, the daughter of [[Tourkia]]n-born [[Juliana Látzló]] and ethnic Varkan [[Giorgi Robakidze]], on 7 April 1942 in [[Rustavi]], [[Varkana]]. Despite her family's heritage, Latso's mother and grandmothers were both [[Armazism|Armazist]]. Tsiuri and Latso's father [[Hugo Søborg]] met in Klow and married in 1966, settling together in [[Oni]].
Latso's mother was born Tsiuri Latso Robakidze<!--Hannelore Elsner FC-->, the daughter of [[Tourkia]]n-born [[Juliana Látzló]] and ethnic Varkan [[Giorgi Robakidze]], on 7 April 1942 in [[Rustavi]], [[Varkana]]. Despite her family's heritage, Latso's mother and grandmothers were both [[Armazism|Armazist]]. Tsiuri and Latso's father [[Hugo Søborg]] met in Klow and married in 1966, settling together in [[Oni]]. She died of cancer in a clinic in [[Rustavi]] on 21 April 2019.
===Juliana Látzló (1915–1987)===
===Juliana Látzló (1915–1987)===

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The Bajusz–Latso family
First Family of Varkana (2019, L–R): TBD
Current regionVarkana (Greater Klow Area)
MembersGiorgi Latso, Marianna Bajusz, Pipa Bajusz, Liesel Bajusz, Amiran Bajusz
Connected familiesBajusz, Fekete, Látzló, Robakidze, Søborg

The family of Giorgi Latso, the 36th president of Varkana, is a prominent Varkan family active in entertainment, business, and politics. Latso's immediate family circle is the First Family of Varkana. They are part of the broader Latso family originating from Tourkia and Skade. Giorgi Latso's mother, Tsiuri Latso, was the daughter of Juliana Látzló, a Tourkian immigrant who was naturalized a Varkan citizen and Varkanized her family name to Latso. His father is Hugo Søborg, a naturalized Varkan citizen born in Skade. Latso has three children with his wife Marianna Bajusz. The Latso are the first First Family not of immediate ethnic Varkan descent.

Immediate family

Marianna Bajusz

Marianna Bajusz (Varkan: მარიანნა ბაჯუსზ; born 6 July 1974 in Gyönk, Tourkia) is a Varkan author, screenwriter, director and actress. Raised in Gyönk, she is a graduate of the University of Gyönk, and is also a published author. Internationally, she is known for directing and writing several critically acclaimed works, such as the action film Rise of the Wolf (2003), the biographical films Ana Kalanda (2006), The Coup (2015) and Millennium (2018), and the acclaimed TV series (2011–2015).

Throughout 2011 and 2012, she helped campaign for her husband's presidential bid. She wrote over half of her husband's speeches and declarations, both usually reviewing each other's work. She and her husband have two daughters together and one son. As the First Spouse, she has become a fashion icon and role model for women around Adonia, describing herself as "deeply humanist" and often considered a symbol of modern feminism outside Varkana. She is the most powerful woman in Varkana according to the Tribuna, and the 7th in Adonia according to Krämer.

She met Giorgi Latso in the early 1990s when she was still a teenager in Tourkia. Latso was in his mid twenties, but he was conquered by her in a minute, as he explained in an interview with STV 1. Bajusz is Latso's 2nd cousin, related through Latso's maternal grandmother who was Bajusz's maternal grandmother's sister. They first met at a family dinner in Gyönk. Bajusz "was the childish and lively teenage girl, while Giorgi [Latso] was the charming passionate and gloomy university graduate", as she explained. Latso visited Bajusz in Tourkia several times, especially when she was in university, despite his new job in Aetolia. They married in March 1999, and have two daughters, Pipa (born in 2000) and Liesel (born 2006), and one son, Amiran (born in 2009). After his return to politics, election and subsequent appointment to the Council of Ten, the Latso-Bajusz family moved to Klow from their previous home in Oni. Throughout her husband's 2012 campaign for President, she made a "commitment to be away overnight only once a week – to campaign only two days a week and be home by the end of the second day" for their three children.

Pipa Bajusz

Pipa is a Varkan singer, songwriter and model. Born on 28 April 2000 in Oni, Varkana, she is the eldest daughter of Giorgi Latso and Marianna Bajusz.

Liesel Bajusz

Amiran Bajusz


Latso with sister Teona in 2011
Zuriko Latso in 2019

Teona Latso

Teona Latso (born 7 March 1970) is Giorgi Latso's younger sister. She is a businesswoman and CEO of SDI Gruppe, one of the largest information technology firm in the world.

Manana Latso

Manana Latso (born 18 November 1974) is Giorgi Latso's youngest sister. She is an actress, model and fashion designer based in Ampuria, Volisania. Latso has described his sister Manana as the "black sheep" of the family. Manana Latso has worked for fashion brands such as VOLISAN FASHION BRAND, Brilianti, VOLISAN FASHION BRAND, AETOLIAN FASHION BRAND, and ECHIAN FASHION BRAND.

Zuriko Latso

Zuriko Latso (born 20 June 1978) is Giorgi Latso's younger brother. He is a former professional football player and the current manager of Dinamo Klow S.K. As a player, he is widely considered to have been one of the greatest midfielders of his generation.

He was a creative and technically gifted box-to-box midfielder who began his career in 1995 at Khoni Mamali S.K., the club where his father, Hugo Søborg, also played. He is best known for his time at bitter rivals Dinamo Klow S.K., after he signed for the club in 2001 for a record fee. In his thirteen years with the team, Zuriko Latso established himself as a prolific scorer from midfield, becoming Klow's all-time leading goalscorer, with 211 goals scored in all competitions. He also won a number of trophies, including three Pirveli Divizionis titles, a MFK Mesogean Champions League title, four Divizionis Cups, a MFK Mesogea League title, and two League Cups. Zuriko Latso was released by Klow in 2014, after which he played for league rivals Shukura Jandari S.K. before retiring in 2017.

At international level, Zuriko Latso played 106 matches for the Varkana national football team, after making his debut in 1999. He represented his country at three AAFF World Cups – in 2006, 2010 and 2014 – and in the MFK Meso 2004, where he was named in the team of the tournament. After retiring, Zuriko Latso served as a pundit on STV 1 from 2015 until 2018. He began his coaching career with Meore Divizionis club Telavi S.K. in 2018, to whom he led to promotion to the Pirveli Divizionis. He was appointed as Klow's head coach a year later.

Maternal relations

Tsiuri Latso (1942–2019)

Latso's mother was born Tsiuri Latso Robakidze, the daughter of Tourkian-born Juliana Látzló and ethnic Varkan Giorgi Robakidze, on 7 April 1942 in Rustavi, Varkana. Despite her family's heritage, Latso's mother and grandmothers were both Armazist. Tsiuri and Latso's father Hugo Søborg met in Klow and married in 1966, settling together in Oni. She died of cancer in a clinic in Rustavi on 21 April 2019.

Juliana Látzló (1915–1987)

Latso's maternal grandmother, Juliana Látzló, was born in Gyönk, Tourkia. At age 17, she immigrated to Varkana and started working as a maid in Kaspi. She Varkanized her name to Latso in 1937 when she became a Varkan citizen.

Paternal relations

Latso's father Hugo Søborg is one of Khoni Mamali's most prolific goal scorers

Hugo Søborg

Giorgi Latso's father, Hugo Søborg, born in Mål, Grönfilt, Skade on 7 February 1935, is a Skadian former football international. He immigrated to Klow, Varkana in 1958 to play in the Pirveli Divizionis for club Khoni Mamali. He joined the club in February 1958 for a record 60,000 lari. He remains one of the top scorers in the club's history, scoring 159 goals in 378 games (135 in 318 league games). He married Tsiuri Latso in 1966.

Marianna Bajusz's extended family

Ödön Fekete

Born in 1943, Fekete is Bajusz's father. A dentist of profession, he married Piroska Bajusz in YEAR and moved to Gyönk. According to Bajusz, Fekete is not on speaking terms with her.

Piroska Bajusz

Born in 1940, Piroska Bajusz is Marianna Bajusz's mother. She is of Jewish origin from her mother's side, but grew up as a Zamarra Catholic. Marianna Bajusz adopted her mother's family name when she moved to Varkana, following Varkan naming customs.

Boglárka Fekete

Born in 1974, Boglárka Fekete is Bajusz's fraternal twin sister.