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Magazine [[NAME]] annually ranks Zong universities, based primarily on academic and research output.
#[[University of Xiaochi]]
#[[Huwei School of Engineering]] ([[Royal League]])
#[[Huwei School of Law]] ([[Royal League]])
#[[University of Lamtong]]
#[[Huwei School of Business]] ([[Royal League]])
#[[Huwei School of Economics]] ([[Royal League]])
#[[University of Lidun]]
#[[Huwei School of Medicine]] ([[Royal League]])
#[[Huwei School of Technology]] ([[Royal League]])
#[[University of Hongto]]
#[[Siqiao University of Technology]]
#[[Makeng School of Science]] ([[Royal League]])
#[[University of Paktong]]
#[[University of Bongmou]]
#[[Xiaochi University of Technology]]
#[[University of Kimsa]]
#[[University of Zhenqian]]
#[[University of Dongling]]
#[[Phokau School of Pharmaceutical Sciences]] ([[Royal League]])
#[[University of Xiaoyang]]

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College and university rankings are rankings of institutions in higher education which have been ranked on the basis of various combinations of various factors. None of the rankings give a comprehensive overview of the strengths of the institutions ranked because all select a range of easily quantifiable characteristics to base their results on. Rankings have most often been conducted by magazines, newspapers, websites, governments, or academics. In addition to ranking entire institutions, organizations perform rankings of specific programs, departments, and schools. Various rankings consider combinations of measures of funding and endowment, research excellence and/or influence, specialization expertise, admissions, student options, award numbers, internationalization, graduate employment, industrial linkage, historical reputation and other criteria. Various rankings mostly evaluating on institutional output by research. Some rankings evaluate institutions within a single country, while others assess institutions worldwide. The subject has produced much debate about rankings' usefulness and accuracy. The expanding diversity in rating methodologies and accompanying criticisms of each indicate the lack of consensus in the field. Further, it seems possible to game the ranking systems through excessive self-citations or by researchers supporting each other in surveys. The Adonian Community has questioned whether rankings "do more harm than good", while acknowledging that "Rightly or wrongly, they are perceived as a measure of quality and so create intense competition between universities all over Adonia".

Global rankings

Academic Ranking of Adonian Universities

Zong list

QS World University Rankings

Breislandic list


Volisan list


The Sociological Ranking of Adonian Universities is produced by Varkan National Sociology Institute (ACRONYM), a unit of the Varkan National Research Council (ACRONYM), the main public research body in Varkana. They purposely exclude Varkan universities from their list and publish a separate list for Varkan universities.

Regional and national rankings

Empodia and Haitan




Magazine NAME annually ranks Zong universities, based primarily on academic and research output.

  1. University of Xiaochi
  2. Huwei School of Engineering (Royal League)
  3. Huwei School of Law (Royal League)
  4. University of Lamtong
  5. Huwei School of Business (Royal League)
  6. Huwei School of Economics (Royal League)
  7. University of Lidun
  8. Huwei School of Medicine (Royal League)
  9. Huwei School of Technology (Royal League)
  10. University of Hongto
  11. Siqiao University of Technology
  12. Makeng School of Science (Royal League)
  13. University of Paktong
  14. University of Bongmou
  15. Xiaochi University of Technology
  16. University of Kimsa
  17. University of Zhenqian
  18. University of Dongling
  19. Phokau School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Royal League)
  20. University of Xiaoyang




Universities in Kalinova are ranked by the Commonwealth Higher Learning League, an independent union of Kalinovan students and teachers. The methodology of the ranking system contained 13 separate indicators grouped under five categories: Teaching (30 percent of final score), research (30 percent), citations (research impact) (worth 32.5 percent), international mix (5 percent), industry income (2.5 percent).

  1. University of Rozdil
  2. University of Lviv
  3. University of Malynogorod
  4. Technical Institute of Malynogorod
  5. Cherniv College
  6. University of Molinsk
  7. Lviv Institute of Engineering
  8. Polytechnic of Molinsk
  9. University of Vladivostok
  10. University of Cherniv



Burawi university rankings are determined by the Burawi Tertiary Education Oversight Committee (KWEJG). Ranking is decided by a number of factors, including 4 and 6 year graduation rates, success of randomly selected students.

  1. University of Kankadadka
  2. University of Iskhal
  3. BTU Kaysoor
  4. Burawi People's University
  5. BTU Iskhal
  6. BTU Kankadadka
  7. University of Kaysoor
  8. University of Badalga
  9. BAU Kankadadka
  10. Kankadadka Admin University






Magazine Kosmos Typos annually ranks Aetolian universities, based primarily on academic and research output.

  1. Stratos University
  2. Aetolian National University
  3. University of Kavala (City, Palaiochori, Mandra, Exohi, Episkopi)
  4. University of Pheres
  5. University of Inachos
  6. University of Arcadia
  7. Polytechnic University of Palaiochori
  8. Athenian University of Palaiochori
  9. University of Upper Kavala
  10. Petraccas University
  11. University of Theodosia
  12. Pyrgos University
  13. University of Palaiochori
  14. Avlonas University
  15. Sinora University
  16. University of Pharsaly
  17. Elis University
  18. University of Myra
  19. Athenian University of Megaza
  20. Fraxos University


The Varkan National Sociology Institute, in addition to their Sociological Ranking of Adonian Universities, publish an annual ranking of the top universities in Varkana. Their criterion for the ranking includes academic, research, overall CGPA, e-learning, online access, housing access, cost of living, and campus access, and viability, among others. The 2019 ranking was as follow:

  1. Zestafoni University
  2. Sioni University
  3. Klow University
  4. Gali University
  5. Kojori University
  6. Tsqaltubo University
  7. Oni University
  8. Senaki University
  9. Kaspi University
  10. Chiatura University