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The Bar of Varkana (Varkan: საქართველოს ბარი, sakartvelos bari) is a professional association representing lawyers in Varkana.


Admission to the Bar of Varkana is a prerequisite for practicing law in Varkana.

Varkan applicants must be graduates of the law faculty of one of the ten national universities. In addition, applicants must attend a four- or eight-month course at the Bar School (ბარის სკოლა, baris sk’ola), and complete a six-month apprenticeship. Finally, applicants must pass a character and fitness examination before the Verification Committee of the Bar of Varkana (საქართველოს ბარი ვერიფიკაციის კომიტეტი, sakartvelos bari veripik’atsiis k’omit’et’i). Practicing attorneys must complete 30 hours of continuing legal education every two years.

Lawyers from other Mesogean countries and foreign lawyers can be temporarily admitted (for not more than twelve months) by submitting an "Application for a Special Authorization for a Person Practicing Outside Varkana." They can also obtain semi-permanent or permanent full admission on application. Full admission for lawyers from elsewhere in the MOZ requires, among other things, that the applicant demonstrate adequate proficiency in Varkan and successfully complete examinations on Varkan law and legislation. Foreign applicants may be admitted only by obtaining an undergraduate degree from a Varkan law school or by approval of the Bar of Varkana's Equivalences Committee, which may impose applicant-specific conditions for admission.