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Ayoriji Festival
Tọkọtaya Àyóriji
2019 Akurun Ayorija.jpg
Date(s)14 days (starts first Friday in June)
Location(s)Akurun, Joloyemi, Naji
Years active1975-present (45 years)

The Ayoriji Festival ([Tọkọtaya Àyóriji] error: {{lang-xx}}: text has italic markup (help); commonly referred to as Ayorija or Ayoriji Fest) is an annual arts festival that includes live music, film, fashion, and art produced by Ayori and other Kaftian artists. The festival made its first debut at the Akurun Art Summit (Àpérò Akùrún Ọnà; AAO) in 1975, and has since expanded to become its own event, and has spread to other parts of the world with significant Ayori communities. The festival originally sought to provide people involved in Ayori counterculture an opportunity to build community and to provide a stage for other Kaftian artists that were not acknowledged in the mainstream and stood outside their national norms. It quickly garnered popularity throughout Ayorin and expanded to include the cinema and fashion, and musical performers now represent a variety of genres, primarily known to reflect popular contemporary Ayori culture. It has grown to become the largest arts festival in Central Kaftia, and one of the largest in Kaftia.

The Festival's changes to its diverse cultural showcase allowed for the festival to rapidly build its masses, with the Akurun event attracting 800,000 attendees in 2016. Due to festival alterations that deviated from the original Afropunk culture, and a growth in popularity around Kaftia, the event was opened non-Ayori artists, sponsors and patrons in 2005. Soon after, the event's organizers broadened Ayoriji Fest to events in Ampuria, Iskhal, Dirranmoticha, and Koblenz. Prior to these expansions, the festival's location had alternated between Akurun, Joloyemi, and Naji. As of 2016, all of Ayoriji festivals are annually recurring.