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|[[wikipedia:ATR 72|ATR 72-500]]
|[[wikipedia:ATR 72|Aero 72-500]]
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Aeolus Link
IATA ICAO Callsign
Founded3 May 1990
Commenced operations3 June 1990
HubsTheodosia Antoninus International Airport
Skopelos International Airport
Secondary hubsSemasus International Airport
Lefki International Airport
Frequent-flyer programAeolus Traveller
Fleet size34
HeadquartersAntoninus, Theodosia, Varkana
Key peopleAlexis Dimitrious, CEO Aeolus
RevenueIncrease TBC billion (2014)
ProfitDecrease TBC million (2014)

Aeolus Link (Aetolian: Αἴολος, Aiolos) is the regional subsidiary of the flag carrier airline of Aetolia, Aeolus. It is headquartered at Antoninus Airport, within the offices of its parent company, which also serves as its main operating base.


Corporate affairs

Aeolus Link is a limited service airline, offering limited beverage and snack service on selected flights. This is mainly due to the short flights and prohibitive aircraft sizes. It serves regional centres within Aetolia, linking them with larger hub airports. Aeolus Link flights are designed to connect with mainline services on the Aeolus network. It operates with the same fare structure as Aeolus, with three classes of fares; seat, standard and flexi, with the latter allowing for a change of flight date and time and priority check-in. A flexi fare also allows for the passenger to select their own seat on the aircraft. There is only one class on Aeolus Link flights, known as Regional Economy, which generally offers more seat space than mainline economy aircraft.


Aeolus and its subsidiary fly to 38 domestic destinations and 94 international destinations across Fosia, Kaftia, Illypnia, and New World.

Aeolus Link has codeshare agreements with the following airlines, through its parent company:


Current fleet

Aeolus Link Fleet
Aircraft In Service Orders Passengers Notes
Aero 72-500 12  — 68
BAe Jetstream 41 16  — 29
Embraer EKF 145 20  — 50
Embraer EMB 110 30  — 19
Saab 2000 10  — 50
Total 88



All Aeolus Link flights are booked using the Aeolus booking options, namely the website and ticket offices.

Cabin and on board services