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Zestafoni (Varkan: ზესტაჶონი, zest’afoni) is the fourth largest commune of Varkana. The commune is part of the Greater Klow Area and is located just south of Oni, Klow and Vale, east of Rustavi, west of Jvari and north of Sagarejo and Ninotsminda. With a population of 852,894 as of 2016, Zestafoni is the second most populous commune within the Greater Klow Area. A former capital of Varkana, it is the seat of the Supreme Court of Varkana and Constitutional Court.


Zestafoni is situated in Northern Varkana, in a plain overlooking the Ana river, and on the shores of Lake WTVR. The commune slopes gently from north to south and Mount Dorsaluri can easily be seen in the west of the commune.


Zestafoni's position in the north of Varkana gives it a warm climate, though more extreme than Klow due to the inland location. It has an average January temperature of 6°C and a July average of 24°C. It has an average of 300 days of sunshine and only 91 days of rain.


The commune is home to the Zestafoni University, established in 1970 after the merger of NAME, NAME and NAME. It is the seventh largest university in the country and has seven campuses, including four within the commune.




Public transport

The commune is an integral part of the Capital Metro and is linked to the communes of Vale and Klow through the metro system. Public transit in the commune is operated by the DSU, which is responsible for public transit within the Greater Klow Area.

Zestafoni is also a major hub for the MSM network of high speed rail, as well as InterCommunal train services.

Air and sea

Zestafoni is served by President Inga Korsantia International Airport, located in the neighboring commune of Vale. There is a private airport named Zestafoni Airport located in the commune, but it is not open for commercial aviation. It currently serves government and diplomatic aviation to and from the country.

The commune is connected to the Iremian Sea through the NAME Canal along the Ana river.






Zestafoni is home to the Pirveli Divizionis club Lokomotivi Zestafoni S.K. which plays at the Makvala Metreveli Stadionze. Lokomotivi is the fifth most successful football club in Varkana in terms of domestic titles with six in its history.

Notable people

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