Zakharia Arakishvili

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Zakharia Arakishvili
ზახარია არაქიშვილი
Coat of arms of Varkana.png
3rd Councilor for Kaspi University
Council of Ten
Assumed office
1 January 2017
President Giorgi Latso
Preceded by Aleko Bregvadze
Personal details
Born Zakharia Arakishvili Imnashvili
30 May 1991 (age 27)
Qvareli, Varkana
Residence Klow
Alma mater Kaspi University

Zakharia Arakishvili Imnashvili (Varkan: ზახარია არაქიშვილი იმნაშვილი; born 30 May 1991 in Qvareli, Varkana) is a Varkan politician and a current Councilor of the Council of Ten since 1 January 2017.

Early life


Council of Ten

Department of Finance


Appearance and attitude

Arakishvili was criticized for his attire and general appearance upon appointment by several Varkan media outlets including Bechdvit, Tribuna and Ekonomisti. The general consensus was that he dressed inappropriately for someone in his position and didn't seem to "take the role of Councilor seriously". During a subsequent press conference regarding his appointment, Arakishvili yawned as a response to questions regarding his behavior and attire, saying he wasn't going to dignify their questions with an answer. Ekonomisti journalist ??? commented Arakishvili "lacked credibility" and questioned Oni University's rector ??'s choice. Arakishvili has repeatedly shown his disdain for "people in suits" and "show offs with little substance".

Comments about fellow Councilors

Arakishvili came under fire for his comments in August 2017 about Councilor Gia Kancheli who he labeled as a "bleached Kaftian". Kancheli refused to comment on the quotes, simply stating he had no problem with Arakishvili and had a "good working relationship with every Councilor in the Council of Ten". Arakishvili defended himself by declaring his comments were taken out of context.


Personal life