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Federal Republic of Wiseland
Bundesrepublik Wiseland
Flag of Wiseland Seal of Wiseland
Flag Seal
Motto: TBD
Anthem: TBD
Location of Wiseland in Adonia
Largest city Neu-Denzlau
Official languages Breislandic
Demonym Wiselish
Government Presidential unitary republic
 -  President DUDE
 -  Vice-President DUDE
 -  President of the National Assembly DUDE
Legislature National Assembly
Constitutional history
 -  Independence from Breisland YEAR 
 -  Total 3,065,669 km2TEMP STAT
1,183,661.42 sq mi
 -  Water (%) 0.5%
 -  2016 estimate 164,319,859
 -  2016 census 164,319,859
 -  Density 53.6/km2
138.82/sq mi
GDP (PPP) 2016 estimate
 -  Total ₭6.279 trillion
 -  Per capita ₭38,214
Gini (2016)40.6
medium · ??th
HDI (2016).825
very high · ??th
QLI (2016)6.89 medium
IEF (2016)76.2 Mostly Free
Currency Krone (K) (WLK)
Time zone TUC-5, TUC-6 (TUC-5, -6)
Date format dd.mm.yyyy CE
Drives on the right
Calling code +43
Internet TLD .wl

Wiseland (Breislandic: /ˈviːzəlant/), officially the Federal Republic of Wiseland (Breislandic: Bundesrepublik Wiseland), is a country in Lurandia comprising 25 federated states. Wiseland's capital is Onondaga and while its largest city is Neu-Denzlau. Wiseland has an area of 3,065,669 km², making it the ?th largest country in the world. With a population of 164 million as of 2016, it is the ?th most populous country in Lurandia and ??th in the world. It is bordered by VOLI COLONY to the north, the Neptic Ocean to the east, Markland to the south, and HIT COLONY to the west.


The name Wiseland comes from the Breislandic wiese, meaning "pasture" or "meadow", and the suffix -land.


Indigenous peoples

European colonization

Wiselish revolution

Early 20th century

Contemporary era

Geography and climate

Government and politics


Foreign relations and military



Wiseland is the world's ??th-largest economy as of 2018, with a nominal GDP of approximately BR₭5.83 trillion. It is a member of the ?? and the ??, and is one of the world's top ten trading nations, with a highly globalized economy. Wiseland is a mixed economy, ranking above Breisland and most Mesogean nations on the index of economic freedom, and experiencing a medium level of income disparity. Furthermore, the Neu-Denzlau Börse is the ??th-largest stock exchange in the world by market capitalization, listing over #,### companies with a combined market capitalization of over BR₭# trillion as of 2016.

The country is a global leader in advanced manufacturing and research and development, with significant innovations in both production processes and business organization. Manufacturing has historically been the most important sector of the economy, especially during the 20th century. Important products include motor vehicles, iron, steel, food, electrical appliances, machinery, chemicals, and paper.


Energy and infrastructure

Wiseland's rivers make it rich in hydroelectric energy. Around 60% of the country's electrical production comes from that energy source while the rest is diversified with oil, gas, coal and nuclear. Wind and solar energy are emerging but remain an insignificant source of energy as of 2016.





As heritage of Breislandic colonization, Wiseland recognized six ethnic and racial categories: Weißhaut (Whites; also known as Illypnian), Schwarzhaut (Black; also known as Kaftian), Braunhaut (Brown; also known as North Fosian or East Illypnian), Gelbhaut (Yellow; also known as East Fosian or Jade), Rothaut (Reds; also known as Indigenous), and Mixed or people of two or more races. According to the 2016 census, the country's largest self-reported racial identity is Weißhaut (68.1% of the population), followed by Schwarzhaut (12.3%), Gelbhaut (8.8%), Mixed (4.6%), Braunhaut (2.9%) and Rothaut (2.3%).







Erangelstadt is one of the leaders in motion picture production owing to its year-long mild climate which made it a suitable location for film studios. Since the early 20th century, the Wiselish film industry has largely been based in and around Erangelstadt, while Ventironk is becoming a prized film location, notably as a substitute for Koblenz in Breisland.



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