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Vani (Varkan: ვანი) is a commune in Northern Varkana, immediately adjacent to the border with Aetolia along the Sinora River. As of 2016, the population of Vani is 597,694 people, while the population of the Greater Vani Area exceeds 1 million people. Combined with neighboring Theodosia in Aetolia, the transnational metropolitan area of Theodosia–Vani comprises 5.8 million inhabitants.

The commune is known for its preserved Aetolian landmarks from Antiquity including the Vani Theater, the Vani Arena, or the Vani Necropolis. Its location made it a strategic city during medieval times until it was captured by the Kingdom of Varkana after the 999 war with Tavros. During the Dinaric era, the commune was overshadowed by neighboring Theodosia, the Dinaric capital. It grew to be an infamous location for brothels and organized crime during that time. U/C







Vani is served by the Theodosia Antoninus International Airport across the Sinora River in Aetolia, some ? km away from the Vani communal center. President Inga Korsantia International Airport in the commune of Vale also serves the Greater Vani Area, located ?? km southwest.


The Vani railway station is an important station on the Varkan MSM network of high speed rail.

Notable people