Valeria Hajibeili

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Valeria Hajibeili
Hajibeili in 2012
BornValeria Hajibeili Maisuradze
(1968-08-23) 23 August 1968 (age 52)
Klow, Varkana
Alma materOni University
Kaspi University
OccupationChief Investment Officer
Known forCIO, BLEC
Net worthBR₭30 million (September 2020)
(m. 2005; div. 2015)

Valeria Hajibeili Maisuradze (born 23 August 1968) is a Varkan investor, hedge fund manager, and the Chief Investment Officer of BLEC since 2004.

Early life

Hajibeili was born to a non-religious family in Klow in 1968. Hajibeili is of Katpatukan descent through her mother and of Karto–Rionian descent through her father. In 1986, Hajibeili graduated from the NAME Secondary School. She then went on to earn a B.A. from Oni University with a degree in economics in 1990. In 1993, Hajibeili earned an M.B.A. from Kaspi University.





In 2004, Hajibeili was hired by former university classmate Giorgi Latso and his wife Marianna Bajusz to manage their private holding company BLEC, with assets under management of ₭10 million. In 2007, BLEC invested ₭11.6 million in the Pirveli Divizionis football club Khoni Mamali S.K. at the request of Latso which was BLEC's largest investment to date. BLEC's main source of capital came from Bajusz's income which came under high scrutiny from Varkan authorities due to Latso's government positions. To avoid conflicts of interest, Hajibeili was forbidden to invest in Aetolian companies while Latso was the Varkan Ambassador to Aetolia. This ban was lifted in 2007 and replaced by a defense company investment ban as Latso became SSD Chief. Hajibeili has detailed all the self-imposed restrictions on BLEC's investments following Latso's election as President of Varkana. As of 2012, BLEC could not invest in companies under current or future government contract with the Fourth Republic of Varkana, in companies related to Latso's or Bajusz's families including SDI Gruppe, or in companies involved with water or energy as it would be contrary to Armazist ethics.

Hajibeili invests in global equities, with a focus on the technology and entertainment sectors, as well as alternative assets such as film production. U/C

Corporate Boards

Hajibeili sits on the board of RICH CUNT's COMPANY. U/C

Personal life

Hajibeili married COMPANY CEO, DUDE, in 2005. In 2015, DUDE and Hajibeili divorced. The couple has joint custody over their three children.

Besides her native Varkan, Hajibeili is fluent in Katpatukan and Breislandic.