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View of Vale in May 2018
Coat of arms of Vale
Coat of arms
Vale is located in Varkana
Coordinates :
Country Varkana
Region Northern Varkana
 • Prefect DUDETTE
Population (2016)
 • Total 691,042
Demonym Valeans
Postal code 13000

Vale is the ninth largest commune of Varkana and an important transportation hub in the country. It is located in Northern Varkana on the southern shore of the Iremian Sea. The commune is part of the Greater Klow Area and is located just east of Klow and north of Zestafoni. The largest port in the country and the largest airport are both located in the commune. With a population of 691,042 as of 2016, it serves as a trade center for Northern Varkana.

Several leading companies have their headquarters in Vale, including the Bank of Varkana, Qhar, SAK Internationale, and Veolia. A number of important higher education institutions are also in the commune, including the Ana, Akhali Vale, and Menlari campuses of Klow University and the Vale campus of Zestafoni University. The Akhali Vale project is mainly located in the commune, the largest planned township in Varkan history currently under construction.