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Skyline of Tsalka
Coat of arms of Tsalka
Coat of arms
Tsalka is located in Varkana
Coordinates :
Country Varkana
Region Northern Varkana
 • Prefect TBD
 • Total TBD km2 (Expression error: Unexpected < operator. sq mi)
Population (2016)
 • Total 468,709
Demonym Tsalkan
Postal code TBD
Website tsalka.va

Tsalka (Varkan: წალკა, ts’alk’a) is a commune of Varkana. Formerly made up only of a series of small fishing settlements, today the commune is a world renowned tourist destination.


Tourism commands a large fraction of Tsalka's economy. Tsalka's climate, natural scenery, and beaches make it a popular tourist destination for Varkans as well as visitors from other parts of the world. Foreign visitors are mainly from Illypnia, with Breislandic, Kalinovan and Mesogean tourists providing the main contingents. The public has a right to beach access under Varkan law, but some areas have access effectively blocked by private owners for a long distance.

In 2016, according to communal data, there were over 2.5 million visitors, with expenditures of over 3 billion lari, to the commune. Substantial numbers of Breislandic tourists still visit the peninsula but have now been surpassed by Kalinovans and Volisans. The average Breislandic tourist stays only 5 days while other tourists spend over 7 days and spend 15% more.


The commune is served by Tsalka International Airport.