Triphylia Canal

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The Triphylia Canal (Triphylian: ??, ??) is a sea-level waterway in Triphylia, connecting the Mesogean Sea to the Kendriyan Ocean through the Isthmus of Triphylia. Constructed by the Triphylia Canal Company between 1842 and 1849, it was officially opened on 12 April 1849. The canal offers watercraft a more direct route between the Neptic and Kendriyan Oceans via the Mesogean Sea, thus avoiding the North Neptic and Antinotian Oceans. It extends from the western terminus of Areza to the eastern terminus of ??. Its length is 87.40 km across the isthmus. In 2016, 33,215 vessels traversed the canal (an average of 91 per day).