The Left (Skade)

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The Left
President Anna Neergard
Founded 20 May 1989
Headquarters Bjørnsson, Skade
Youth wing De Venstre
Membership  (2014) 55,189
Ideology Anti-capitalism
Democratic socialism
Social justice
Internal factions:
Political position Left to Far-left
National affiliation None
International affiliation None
Official colours      Maroon
10 / 153
Skadian Council of State
0 / 18
Canton Councils
104 / 1,200
Municipal/City councils
433 / 10,491

The Left also known as the Left Party (Skadian: Venstre; ᚡᛂᚿᛋᛐᛂ) is a political party in Skade. The party is the most left-wing party of the five represented in the Althing. The party was banned from 1991-2002, but according to the National Court of Skade is not to be regarded as extremely left or a threat to democracy. However, many members are under surveillance by the SIOS for the protection of the constitution on account of suspected extremist tendencies. In Jyväskila and Kvällhälla, the entire party is under surveillance by local authorities. It is sometimes associated with the militant Anti-Fascist Action (Antifascistisk Aksjon).