Tamaz Chiladze

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Tamaz Chiladze
Hero of the Republic
Coat of arms of the Second Republic of Varkana.png
5th President of Varkana
In office
17 January 1895 – 18 February 1904
Preceded by Ana Kalanda
Succeeded by Sofiko Chiaureli
Personal details
Born Tamaz Chiladze Melikishvili
24 April 1841
Kaspi, Varkana
Died 9 July 1917 (aged 76)
Klow, Varkana
Political party Communist Party
Residence Klow
Religion Atheism

Tamaz Chiladze Melikishvili (Varkan: თამაზ ჭილაძე მელიქიშვილი; 24 April 1841 - 9 July 1917) was a communist revolutionary and theorist, Varkan politician, and the 5th President of Varkana.