Sugule Samatar

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Sugule Samatar
File:Sugule Samatar.jpg
BornSugule Samatar
(1940-07-12) July 12, 1940 (age 80)
Mazar, Burawa
EducationUniversity of Mazar (BS)
OccupationPresident of Samatar Industrial
Net worth₭5.1 billion (June 2018)
Erika Klepper (m. 1966)
ParentsWarsame Samatar
Christa Samatar
RelativesFranz Samatar (brother)
Xuudi Samatar (brother)
Gerhard Klepper (brother-in-law)

Sugule Samatar (born August 12, 1940) is a Burawi businessman, philanthropist, political activist, and industrial engineer. He is the son of famous industrialist and trader Warsame Samatar and heir to his fortune. During the breakup of the Samatar Group, he was given the remaining industrial assets the company owned in overseas areas including in Kushish and Orma. He currently runs Samatar Industrial from its headquarters in Koblenz, Breisland.

Post-Warsame Assassination

Sugule and his family were evacuated to Koblenz after his father's death in 1967. His brother Franz had returned to Mazar the following month to continue political activities, leaving Sugule, Christa, and Xuudi to live with friends until their funds had been secretly transferred out of the country.

Maya Losaxa Sanctions

As of 11 November 2019, Sugule Samatar had been listed as one of the eleven individuals to be sanctioned by the government of Burawa as part of the Maya Losaxa program. Samatar had been accused by the Financial Crimes Investigation Council of Burawa of owning controlling shares of Burawi companies via a shell corporation as well as sitting on the executive council for 2 Mazar-based firms. Sugule Samatar had been barred from these activities since 1968 as part of a formal exile statement .