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Industry Mining
Founded 1984
Headquarters Pitsunda, Varkana
Key people
DUDE (Chairman)
DUDE (President & CEO)
Products Uranium
Revenue ₭2.44 billion (2017)
Number of employees
3,350 (2017)
Website http://www.saseko.kom/

Saseko (Varkan: სასეკო; from საქართველოს სამთო და ენერგეტიკული კორპორაცია, sak’art’velos samt’o da energetikuli korporats’ia) is a state-owned uranium company, based in Pitsunda, Varkana.


Saseko was formed in 1984. The company was initially owned by the government of Varkana. Government ownership of the company decreased during subsequent years, with full privatization occurring in February, 1994.

After the Varkan revolution, the Government of Varkana re-nationalized the company in 2002. The following year, Saseko acquired ?? in a multinational partnership with Svaneti. This was followed in 2005 by the acquisition of Sakalian-based ???.


Saseko accounts for approximately 16 percent of global uranium production, and has mines in Sakalia, Svaneti and Varkana.

Name Location
Foli River Foli, Varkana
?? River ???, Svaneti
Adjaris River Adjaris, Varkana
?? ???, Sakalia
?? River ???, Svaneti
Kodori River Kodori, Varkana
Bzyb River Adjaris, Varkana
Name Location
Foli River Foli, Varkana
Kodori River Kodori, Varkana
?? River ???, Svaneti