Samada Navigation System

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Samada Navigation System
The Samada system's logo
Country of originBurawa
TypeMilitary, commercial
Precision6 m (public)
0.1 m (encrypted)
Constellation size
Total satellites35
Satellites in orbit30
First launch30 October 1988
Last launch8 February 2016
Total launches32
Orbital characteristics
Regime(s)GEO, IGSO, MEO
Orbital height20,532 km (12,758 mi)

The Samada Navigation System (SNS), also known as SkyNav, is a GNSS that provides location and time information in all weather conditions anywhere on Adonia. The system was developed by the Burawa National Space Administration in the 1980s to provide an third alternative to the Breislandic GPA system and x country x system.

The Samada System was solely used by the Buwari military until 1992, when it was opened to public use. In 2002 the satellite system had achieved 100% coverage of Kaftia and was pushed as the primary navigation system of Kaftia during the Pan-Kaftian Economic Summit that year. The system has gone through 8 upgrades, the latest being SNS-8.

Currently SNS is the second most used positioning system in mobile phones due to the greater precision instruments on board. Many phone companies utilize both GPA ans SNS to increase the amount of satellites utilized.