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State-owned company
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IndustryRail transport
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Founded6 February 1882
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Key people
Vasil Razikashvili (CEO)
ProductsRail transport, Freight
RevenueIncrease ₭45.24 billion (2015)
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OwnerGovernment of Varkana (100%)
Number of employees
205,000 (2015)

SARK (Varkan: საქართველოს რკინიგზა, sakartvelos rkinigza; "Varkan railway") is Varkana's national state-owned railway company and manages the rail traffic in the country. SARK operates the country's national rail services, including the MSM, Varkana's high-speed rail network, and InterCommunal, Varkana's conventional rail network. Its functions include operation of railway services for passengers and freight, and maintenance and signalling of rail infrastructure.


Company structure and subsidiaries

Budget and management




SARK has full or partial shares in a large number of companies, the majority of which are rail or transport related. These include:

General freight transport

  • TBD

Passenger transport


  • Mesobahn (51%), the online travel agency of SARK


  • SARK International (100%)



SARK operates all of Varkana's railway system, including the MSM. In the 1970s, the SNCF began the MSM high-speed train program with the intention of creating the world's fastest railway network. It came to fruition in 1981, when the first MSM service, from Klow to Kaspi, was inaugurated. Today SARK operates 2,686 km of designated high-speed track in Varkana only, for a total of 4,956.8 km including international operations. SARK's MSM trains carry more than 155 million passengers a year. MSM lines and MSM technology are now spread across several Mesogean countries in addition to Zong.


SARK operates all InterCommunal trains in Varkana as well as in some neighboring countries, notably Aetolia, Echia and Svaneti.


SARK has a monopoly on freight rail transport in Varkana. Since 1998, SARK has been increasingly focused on running a "scheduled freight railroad/railway." This has resulted in improved shipper relations, as well as reduced the need for maintaining pools of surplus locomotives and freight cars. SARK has also undertaken a rationalization of its existing track network by removing double track sections in some areas and extending passing sidings in other areas.

Airline codesharing

SARK codeshares with Aeolus, Aero Dinaridon, Aviolinee Echiane, CHHK, Dawati, FlugKotsien, Kontinental, KotorpiLuft, Luftskade, Luftvasaras, SAK Echia, SAK Faencia, SAK Galastan, SAK Meleto, SAK Varkana, SAK Volisania, and ??. In exchange, SARK allows passengers on these flights to book railway services between Varkana's airports and Varkan cities with their airline. SARK has the IATA designator 2S.

Rolling stocks

SARK operates solely electric multiple unit trains on its networks.